Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and I wish you all the happiness, love and luck in the world for this new decade. Personally, I had a wonderful Christmas and a very quiet Hogmanay. Today’s post is all about looking to the future. While a lot of people have no time for resolutions and hate the whole New Year, new me thing, I am actually a big fan of the clean slate (as I say every year). However this year it is less ‘New Year, new me’ and more ‘New Year, slightly different me’.


The reason being, it is not my intention to make any resolutions. I am just going to try and up my game a bit in my every day. They are mostly all things I do from time to time, but I want to give them more focus. While I could happily waffle on longer, I am just going to get straight into what I plan to do to make it a better 2020 for both me and the world around me.


Have one night a week off all electronics

While I am not totally addicted to social media (in fact I am pretty rubbish with it) I am very bad for watching the TV. All. The. Time. Often when I get home from work I am so tired, chucking on the TV is the easiest thing to do. Reading is actually something I enjoy, but don’t do it often enough. So on my night off electronics I plan to read, meditate and write in my bullet journal. Oh, and obviously play games with my dogs, they love hide and seek! Spending time away from the screens will hopefully help me focus on making a healthier me in the long run. The aim is to up this to a whole day a week off electronics by the end of the year.


Do something for someone else every day

When I first thought this up I was thinking what could I actually do in order to achieve this. It can be hard to actually get the opportunity to help someone daily, but actually there are plenty of ways!

  • Buy an extra item or two in the weekly food shop for the Food Bank collection in the supermarket
  • Compliment a stranger – I have done this in the past and you would be amazed at how appreciative of this people are!
  • Take in the neighbours bins
  • Buy a drink for someone homeless in a café or shop (my work is right next to Social Bite, so for me this is easy)
  • Message someone who you know has been going through a bad time – this seems a bit daft, I mean why wouldn’t you message a friend in need. But I mean actively thinking of others, reaching out to people just so they know you are there and care.
  • Pick up litter while out walking – obviously this doesn’t have to be any every day thing, but once a week or so I will take a bag and gloves and pick things up. Also this may not be doing something for someone else, but it is for all of us in the end!
  • Share a friends business post on Facebook
  • Bake cakes to bring in to work – or buy them if you have the money. My team are always so grateful when I go buy cupcakes when we are having a tough day.
  • Volunteer somewhere – the options for this are endless

I could go on and on, but wanted to give a couple of examples of what I plan to do. For a few years now I also visit an elderly man to give him company every week, so this will count too. Whatever you can do to make someone smile each day, no matter how big or small can make a huge difference to the world around you.


Make my own bread and milk

For 2 years I have been trying my best to do my bit for the environment but I have not taken the plunge to move further forward with it. When I got to a certain stage, it all just seemed too difficult and so I decided it was enough. However, in September I got my Almond Cow which makes plant based milk and love it. The only issue is the nuts come in plastic so I will look into bulk buying, or getting them from a local zero waste shop (which is not something I have ever done yet!!). As of the 1st January my aim is to never again use milk from a tetrapak.

As for bread, I have had a breadmaker for years but barely touched it. For the past 2-3months I have been trying my best to use it, but moving on I will not be buying any plastic wrapped bread. The only thing which has ever held me back from doing this is forward planning. So each week I will make my loaf on a Friday night so it is ready for the weekend (which is when I mainly eat it!). Although full disclosure, I forgot last night so had to make this morning. Failed on the first day, honestly useless!


Yoga every day

Even I am rolling my eyes at this. Every year I list this, but this is the year I really want to get it done! For me it is an exercise that not only do I enjoy, but I can do from home following a YouTube video (I love Cat Meffan fyi if anyone needs a recommendation!) yet I still don’t do it. This year, I am going to and 4 days in, have done so far!


Meditate daily

After I came out of hospital in the summer I really struggled to sleep so decided to download the Calm app and do some meditating. It has turned out to be one of the best things I have done for myself. Although as with everything I have not been very consistent with it. My plan is to do at least 10 minutes of meditation every day, most likely just before bed. Since starting meditating I have read and watched numerous documentaries which talk of the benefits of it. While for me it will be to relax a bit more and get a good nights sleep, it has been linked to helping with depression, anxiety and increasing brain function. I am genuinely excited to see what practising daily can do for me.


Finally, although neither is a goal, I intend on doing a clothes making course and photography course. I was lucky enough to be gifted some money at Christmas which I have decided I will spend on them. The only reason they are not listed as goals is because I may not get the time to do them so dont want to put any pressure on myself. They are very much things I would like to do though.


What are your goals for 2020, do you have any similar?