I can’t quite believe it is November and around 8 months since I last blogged! It is not my intention to get in to where I have been (although if you do want to know I have said a bit over on Instagram) but it has been a bit of a year. Life has now settled down and I am happy to be back blogging. I really have missed it! The intention is to blog a couple of times a week, and I am excited to be starting in my fave time of year, the Christmas run up! So please watch this space…. But anyhoo, on with the actual blog post, my new Almond Cow milk maker. And apologies in advance for the photos, it is far too dark in my kitchen at this time of year!

nut milk maker

Let me start by saying this is in no way a sponsored post, my wee blog is too small for that, just an honest recommendation. For years I have tried to kid myself that one day I would start making my own nut milk, but lets face it that was never going to happen. It is such a process, it takes a long time and seems to be a bit of a labour of love! So when I first heard of this on a YouTube video I was a bit sceptical but I really wanted to give it a go.  As I have no idea what I want for Christmas sent it on to my husband as a possible present. 4 days later it arrived, he just bought it for me there and then. (He is a total pain in my ass but every now and then reminds me of why I keep him around haha!) It did cost £160 which is extremely expensive but in my opinion is well worth the money.


Basically the Almond Cow will make any kind of milk you can dream of. Their website is full of recipes from almond to pea(?!?). Since I brought it home I have made cashew milk as my weekly milk for tea and for in my baking and either pecan or hazelnut as a change for in my porridge and hot chocolate. I also made pumpkin milk and then pumpkin spice latte with the pumpkin milk! All have been really good and I have not missed shop bought milk in the slightest. It feels great to have not had to buy a single tetrapak, normally I would have gone through 2 a week so it is a big change to my waste.


homemade nut milk

To make the milk you just have to fill the small metal basket with the dry goods (normally your chosen nuts and a couple of dates) and then add water with a little vanilla essence to the actual jug. You then attach the basket to the mixer and put it on the base jug. Then hit the button and within 2 minutes, you have milk. (The first time we made it we expected it to go on for about 10 minutes and so looked at it for a while wondering if it was done before actually opening it, but right enough in 2 mins it was done) The mixer is then removed from the jug and has the pulp from the nuts left in the basket. The Almond Cow is designed to make this so that nothing is wasted. I add this to my porridge which gives the most amazing nutty taste to it. In the jug is the actual milk which just needs to be transferred into a jug which can be stored in the fridge. All that is left to do is rinse out the basket and jug and dry and put them away. From start to finish the whole process takes minutes.


So many gadgets like this can be a total waste of money but I cannot recommend this product enough, although I am sure other milk makers are equally as good! Making the milk is such a quick and easy process there is no reason I would ever stop using it. Not only can I make any sort of milk I want, but I am also drastically cutting down on waste. It was expensive and there is no denying that, but in a couple of years it will be fully paid off. I would say it costs about 70p or so each litre of milk compared to £1.50 or so for shop bought. When you compare that with having a couple of litres of milk a week my guess is about 2 years and I will be even. If you use more milk, it will be paid back even quicker! My only concern that remains is the actual life of the product itself. I hope it wont break, but I guess only time will tell!


Has anyone tried any other milk makers? If so how did you get on? Any others worth the money?