Happy New Year everyone!!! I would love to be on here telling you about my glamourous Hogmanay celebrations last night, but the truth is my husband and I and my two pups were tucked up in bed by 10pm haha! It is the first time I have ever not reached the bells, but hey ho, I am getting old now! Whatever you were up to I hope you had a wonderful evening and that the hangovers are not too bad today.



We started the New Year off with a long lie, followed by a beautiful morning walk in the Edinburgh sunshine and then a nice big breakfast. It really was the perfect start to 2019. The other perfect start was I totally gutted the house yesterday. I cleaned everything possible and took all the Xmas rubbish out to the tip (we had 11-14 people here for most of the Christmas period!!). Waking up in a clean house just lifted my mood so much (and yes I am that sad!). It really feels like today is a new start, I think the cleaning may start to be a new (very middle aged and dull) tradition.


Anyway my real reason for being here today (other than wish you all happy new year!!) is to set out my intentions for the next 12 months. Every year I make myself some resolutions, I know lots of people hate them but I love them! This year I have been so busy in the new house (we had tradesmen in until the 23rd December!) resolutions didn’t really cross my mind, but I have a couple I really want to work on.

Live healthily

Probably a bit of a random statement, but basically this means I want to work out more, eat more healthily and slow down a bit. With work, the dogs and other commitments I am just always on the go and this means meals turn in to take outs and dog walks turn into a wee wander round the block. So in 2019 I want to spend a lot more time caring for me. Unlike some resolutions this is a bit unmeasurable, but I will always have this at the back of my mind!

2 long dog walks a week

This definitely links into the above. When I first got my girls we went on adventures all the time, but I am just always so tired now. So the intention is to commit to 2 long walks somewhere fun every single week. We have quite a few walks near the new house so hopefully it wont be too hard to do this. The first will be up the nearby hill tomorrow morning when my husband heads off to work. It will also mean I can get the camera out a bit more too which is exciting!


Finish the house

We lived in our previous flat for almost 5 years but in that time never actually finished it. We got everything finished for moving so got the benefit of the beautiful new carpets and painted walls for only a matter of weeks! The ridiculous thing is it took a weekend of painting and about £1,000. We should have done it years before we moved. I am determined this will not be the case in the new flat. So in 2019 I will be finishing everything. There are certain things (like an en suite) which we may not be able to afford but I want to get all the rest finished. The bonus of this is I get to buy even more plants which my husband will be delighted with haha!

Plan and create my vegetable garden

In the old house I tried my best to grow various types of veg, but the new garden is so much bigger opening up so many more options. This is a pretty big task, but I really want to create a garden which will mean in the summer months we can be self sustainable (with regards to fruit and veg). For this year it will be just a pipe dream, but I will be putting in the work to be able to do this next year. It is going to be a hell of a hard job, but I am so up for it!


Finally to sign off I want to wish you all a wonderful 2019. I for one am very excited about what is coming next…..

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