You may or may not have noticed I have not been around for a while. Back in May we were approached by someone who wanted to buy our house. Now that actually never happened but it started the ball rolling in what eventually turned out to be us deciding to sell our old house and buy a new one. Basically my life has been a big ball of (self inflicted) stress from then until now. So I decided to stop blogging until I had something interesting or positive to say and I think I am feeling in that zone again now. Obviously I thought the best place to start was with a confession of everything I have failed at in the last 5 months.


First, well I bought something didn’t I, and I am meant to be on a no spend year. However, I feel this purchase is ok as technically a house is second hand anyway isn’t it! We moved from a basement flat into a bright and airy flat on the first floor of a big house. We totally love it, it has big high ceilings, beautiful original shutters and some of the best coving I have ever seen. But the best bit of the move has to be how my dogs feel about it. And they LOVE it. They can see so much out the windows, have loads more space to run around in and best of all have the best dog park ever right at the end of the street. So right now, I am feeling like a pretty lucky girl.


But while we are on the buying thing subject, I actually bought lots of things. First, I bought a sofa. Truth be told I did not need a sofa, I actually just wanted it and I am only human. Our old sofa was not what I wanted anymore as it was leather and I had a friend who lived near my old house who wanted it. It seemed mad to take it to one side of the city to ultimately take it back. So I bought the one I wanted. Then I bought new towels. Again I didn’t need them, but we have lots of guests and the number of towels we had was just not up to the job. I could have bought second hand but made the decision to buy a new set. Then I purchased coasters and placemats. This was actually a bit of a necessity. Our old dining room table was repaired and we didn’t want to have wasted the money so bought new coasters and place mats so hot food and plates were not directly on the table. For these I tried to look in charity shops but I just didn’t find any. Another long boring story is the one about my new chopping board. The old ones were made from the worktop in my old kitchen so I didn’t want to take them. First night in new house, I realised we didn’t own a chopping board. Stupid mistake but yup, another thing I bought. My final confession was basically me just saying fuck it to it all and buying whatever the hell I wanted. And bought a Shark hoover. I have no excuse for this. And I regret nothing……..but am now stopped until 1st January.


zero waste


On top of spending, over the past few months I have had some pretty major zero waste fails. The first has been just how much we ended up putting in the bin during our move. I tried my best to recycle what I could but in the end a lot did go to landfill, such as plastic packaging. All our valuables were wrapped in it and whilst yes I could have kept it there was so much it just was not practical.


As I mentioned above it was also a very stressful time, I wont go into, but it was not an enjoyable period of my life. Whilst I know I am super lucky to have the stress that comes with buying and selling a house it does not change the fact that while you are in the process it is just awful. And when I feel rubbish or stressed, I eat junk and take out. I ate so much convenience food which comes in wrappers which go no where but landfill. On top of that we ate a tonne of take out. While I tried my best to recycle what I could (which is still not as good as just not buying disposable things) so much ended up in the bin, like pizza boxes. It just made me feel so much worse, which in turn made me eat more junk. Ugh. But I am finally out the other end and back on it with recycling, cooking and trying to be as zero waste as I can.


I guess the main reason I have shared all this is to show that it doesn’t really matter if you fall off the wagon, so long as you get back on. Back in June I made a conscious decision that trying to make changes then was not going to happen so instead told myself I would get myself back on track in September once we were moved. In the main I stuck to that and now feel capable of carrying on as I was at the start of the year. Of course I feel a bit guilty or like I let myself down, but it is now in the past and that is where I will leave it. If anyone else feels a bit like that give yourself a break, we are only human and the fact we are trying is enough!