Last month I posted everything which is either cruelty free or vegan in Tesco, this month is Sainsburys. I say everything, but I guess I mean everything I have found and can remember. I am sure there will be more vegan food in there, but this is what I am aware of. Don’t be put off by the length of the list. Sure it is not huge, but it is a start. If you can buy just these few products in the supermarket it will start to make your life changing to cruelty free or vegan products so much easier and manageable!



Violife – they stock a huge range of their cheeses including the parmesan and soft cheese

Bute Islands Foods Cheese

Vegan Cornetto

Vegan Ben & Jerrys

The White Rabbit Pizza Co

Quorn – a lot of the newer vegan Quorn range is in Sainsbury’s

Linda Macartney

Mallows – vegan marshmallows need I say any more!

Sainsbury’s own range – the vegan meatballs are my fave


Household Products

Sainsbury’s own range



Beauty & Skincare


Burt’s Bees*

Happy Naturals

Original Source

Sainsbury’s own range


*parent company tests on animals

Sainsbury's vegan