Safety razors are a really easy zero waste switch, but one that can seem quite daunting. It certainly did to me. I am not the most careful of people and could easily cut myself with a regular razor so I was more than worried about the damage I could do with a safety razor!! But before I get into that a bit more, what is a safety razor, well it is just an old fashioned razor made of stainless steel. The blades have no plastic and are just screwed on. Obviously standard razors themselves are made of plastic and the blades come encased in plastic too so a safety razor is a great alternative as every aspect is just steel. For me it was an easy swap as it is just like for like, although you will likely have to buy the razor and blades online. I bought a big box of 250 blades though so I wont be buying any more for years (so a money saver too!!).


The shave which I get on my legs is amazing, it is so much closer than before. Probably TMI but I used to find I would shave in the morning and be stubbly by lunch, which I can’t quite believe I am sharing but here we are, I am hairy!!! With the safety razor my legs are stubble free for a full day and I would say I could go a full three days without shaving and still feel comfortable in a skirt (if it weren’t for the weather…..). Previously next day was even a push. So yes, the shave is much closer meaning I am hair free for longer too. I also think I am actually a little less hairy in general. I think it is definitely causing my hair growth to slow down in general, is that even possible?! Another surprise has been when shaving both my bikini line and under arms I actually find the safety razor even easier to use than a standard one, I have never once nicked myself.


All that said, I did cut my legs for my first 2 uses. Do not believe what some reviews tell you, it is possible to cut yourself, if you don’t know what you are doing. I trawled the internet for tips on how to use a safety razor and following the below has meant after those first couple of times where I nicked myself good and proper, I now never cut myself. The areas for me which were the real issue are around my ankles. It is just far too easy to nick yourself if you don’t follow the below. I promise if you follow these tips you will be fine though!!!


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Take your time

This is the most important advice I can give you. I know it seems obvious, but naturally I have no patience and this means I rush everything. The thing which has been most likely the reason for me no longer nicking myself is simply taking my time and actually giving a bit of thought and concentration to what I am doing.


Go with the hair

Who knows if I was doing it right previously but I always found going against the hair gave the closest shave, but with a safety razor, go with the hair. I will admit after I have shaved the entire area I do then lightly go against the hair to get an even closer shave, but starting in this way will result in nicks.


Short Strokes

Previously I would do my whole leg in one stroke, this can make it way to easy to slip, so just go with short strokes.


Don’t put pressure on it

The weight of the razor is enough pressure, don’t apply any more. It will still be the closest shave you ever had, I promise!


Watch for nobbly bits, they will cut easier

As I said above my ankles were what I gave a good hacking the first couple of times. Just be careful in these areas. And back to point number one, really take your time!


Use a thick barrier cream

I read somewhere to try conditioner as a shaving foam and it really worked for me while I was getting used to using the razor. Now I am a few months in some regular soap lathered up works fine, but to begin with I definitely recommend the conditioner. It just creates more of a barrier between your skin and the razor until you get comfortable with it.


Moisturise afterwards

Obviously it goes without saying to use a good moisturiser afterwards, but I find it even more important as the shave is so close.


I feel confident telling you if you follow the above rules, you will be totally fine! My legs are now super smooth with minimum effort and as each blade lasts about 5 uses, it will genuinely be years until I have to buy more. If you have been on the fence, I would say go for it, an added bonus is it looks fab, so much nicer than the horrible plastic ones!!

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