After my decluttering efforts at the end of last year my wardrobe has been a thing of beauty. Inside there are only my absolute favourite, or necessary, items. Everything which I was not overly keen on or more importantly which did not fit has been removed. I have been left with a wardrobe I can open daily and find an outfit which I want to wear with absolute minimum effort.

Whislt clearing it out, knowing I was going to be embarking on my no spend year, I really thought about what I actually need and in all honesty the answer is not all that much. I would imagine if I was a person in to high fashion this may be an almost impossible task, but for me it became clear quite quickly a wardrobe full of high quality classics is actually all I need. Classics are exactly that, classic, they never go out of style. Now I am no fashionista but I thought letting you all have a little glimpse into what I kept may help you cut back what you have and show you where to buy what you need.



Wardrobe Classics

To last me the year I made sure that I had all the classics I would require. This is by no means a capsule wardrobe, I have way more clothes than that, but I guess the thought process is similar. The key for me is to have two options of each item one smart, one casual. This allows me to mix and match everything to wear for any occasion, work, to the pub, for a walk with the dogs……. So on to what I actually have, although disclaimer I do have more clothes than this, these are just my must haves that I wear all the time.

Jeans – skinny and bell bottoms (yup I know but I just love the cut and fit!!) one is a classic you will find in almost any wardrobe, the other is my personal style, but still a classic.

Black trousers – drainpipe and wide leg are my staples and very versatile, whether with a shirt at work or with a tshirt at the weekend.

Long skirt – floaty and tight, again flexible to the occasion depending what you pair them with.

Dresses – look no further than the little black dress, I have about 5 which will all do for work or for a night out depending on the accessories.

Cardigans – very old fashioned but great for throwing over a top, I live in Scotland, warmth is very much required!!

Jumpers – a thick and a thin, although in the UK we need far more than just one jumper, I have 4 or 5 I alternate.

Tops – vests and tight tees are my preference either plain, with logos or print or for an occasion vests made from a satin type material.


Where to buy them

As I have mentioned on the blog before I am no longer buying from unethical stores (you can read more here). This means buying clothes by one of two methods, through ethical stores online or second hand.


There are numerous ethical stores online. Whilst there is no denying some are a fair bit more expensive (which is fair given they are paying ethical wages etc) there are some which are priced fairly competitively. Some options of where to buy online are below:

Free People


Monkee Genes

Plant Faced Clothing

Fair + True

FC Select


Shopping second hand can be in the form of shopping on Ebay, Facebook selling pages, Gumtree and charity shops.  I think online second hand stores need no explanation, it is a great way to get good quality clothing much cheaper, sometimes even brand new. Charity shops are a great option too as you can get some great clothes at super cheap prices. My local charity shops have really high quality brands in them too, meaning I can still get clothes which will last. It may be worth having a look to see where you can get good quality second hand items. In general, the more affluent the area, the better the stock they have.


Basically whatever your style, it can be easy to have a less cluttered wardrobe, just find out what your staples are. A great way to do this is the wrong way round hanger trick. Simply put every item you know on a hanger in your wardrobe facing the wrong way, when you wear them turn it round. This will quickly show you what you do and do not wear and you can base the wardrobe around that. And if you need new pieces, remember to buy ethical, it is not as hard as you would think.

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