Last year I posted all of my must do things in Edinburgh, but a lot can change in a year, particularly the restaurants! I can’t deny my absolute faves are still the same, but there are a few other great options to be added to the list. If you intend on visiting my awesome city in the near future you will not go wrong going to any of these restaurants!


Nova Pizza Edinburgh


Nova Pizza

This will always be my fave dinner spot in Edinburgh. The pizza is amazing every time and the vegan cheese tastes no different to dairy in my opinion. The menu is huge and there are loads of options on it including pasta, white pizza and desserts. Personally my favourite is the pepperoni pizza or the pasta al’arribbiata. Both fairly plain, but cooked to perfection every time. The lasagne is also a winner! This place is tiny so if you want to go, book a table so you are not disappointed! But in case you forget, they do take out on Deliveroo too.


edinburgh vegan



The people behind Mono in Glasgow finally opened up an Edinburgh pub and it was so worth the wait. Everything we have tried has been fabulous, not to mention all vegan. If I had to pick one fave it would be the Philly cheese steak pizza. It is the perfect vegan junk food. Smothered in a super tasty vegan cheese sauce. By no means healthy, but hella good! If you want something a bit healthier, there are options for you too though. We have never managed a dessert here as we always head to Ostara over the road for tea and cake, but they do have a fair few options. While Harmonium is not a tiny restaurant it can get pretty busy so I do advise booking ahead if you want to visit.


what vegan food to eat in edinburgh


Pumpkin Brown

I am super late to the party on this one, but last week discovered this place is 100% vegan and 100% tasty. I had always given the cake a wide bearth as it was raw but what my mum and I shared on our visit the other week was awesome. No horrible date taste that every single raw cake ever normally has. This was also where I had my first ever turmeric latte, which was also fab. In the fridge they have some pre-packaged lunch options too, all of which looked good. I will most definitely be back to try more of what they have on offer.


edinburgh vegan



Best doughnuts ever!! My forever favourite is the Biscoff, but the others are pretty damn good too. This café fairly recently opened and it is a perfect new addition to the Edinburgh vegan scene. They sell chocolate, ice cream and of course doughnuts. If you are anywhere near the meadows, go!


Holy Cow

The perfect lunch spot if you are out in town doing a bit of shopping. The café is 100% vegan and serve up burgers, soups, sandwiches and of course, cake. Again this is a really small café, but there is normally a table free. Another thing to note is they only accept cash.


The Herbivore Kitchen

I have actually never quite made it here, mainly as it is not dog friendly and is on the other side of town, but I hear great things. IF you are staying on the South side of town, I think this is another must try.


Yeni Meze

This is the only place on the list serving meat, but they do some awesome vegan food too, all clearly marked, even the wine. I have been a few times and the meze is fabulous. My personal favourite is the patates, love them, but then I am potato obsessed! The great thing here is everything is just so fresh. It is another perfect spot for lunch in the city centre.



If you need some vegan waffles and ice cream, this is your spot! They do normal and vegan waffles, so be sure to ask, and they come with a full range of toppings. Every time I go in they have at least 3 vegan ice cream flavours too, and not just the usual sorbet cop out!