When I first started blogging my one and only aim was to encourage others to go cruelty free, even if it was only a handful of people. Almost 3 years down the line the blog has grown bigger than I could ever have hoped and my influence has gone further than I ever could have imagined. With that in mind I thought it was time I went back to the initial point in the blog and start encouraging people to go cruelty free again. In my opinion the best way to do this is to make the cruelty free lifestyle and veganism accessible. So, I have decided to do a series of posts featuring the UK’s biggest chain stores and exactly what you can buy in them which you will be safe in the knowledge is cruelty free and vegan. First up is Tesco.


Despite the rather modest list of names, the products span almost every category and you could doΒ mostly all of your months shopping here if you chose.Β Only three things are missing a cruelty free toothpaste, haircare and skincare. But having said that would most of us buy our skincare and hair care in Tesco anyway?? I think these are things we wold all buy online or in aΒ specialist store of some sort be it Boots or SpaceNK.


I just want to highlight as this post is about making cruelty free and vegan accessible, I am including brands with parent companies who test on animals. While this is not something I support and would stop me buying such products, many vegans and cruelty free people out there do buy from them so do not feel you have to cut them out. It is a decision only you can make. If you want to know a bit more of my views on this, have a wee read here.



Tesco is great for buying new vegan ranges. The most celebrated of late being the new Wicked Kitchen range. I am yet to try a lot of it as I tend to make my food from scratch but it is great to know you can pick up so many options with your weekly shop. Obviously the fruit and veg is vegan, but here are some f the brands too…..

Quorn – meat alternatives including the new ham and sausages which can’t be bought everywhere

Linda McCartney – meat alternatives, the quarter pounders are the best vegan burgers ever in my humble opinion

Oumph! – meat alternatives

Wicked Kitchen range – ready meals

Violife – cheese

Strong Roots – burgers

Ben & Jerry’s (owned by Unilever) – ice cream (although this is not the only vegan brand they stock)

Own Brand – Tesco have a huge range of their own, including some of the best vegan cheeses


Household Products

While there are only a couple of brands, the full spectrum is covered. We used to buy all our months cleaning products without having to set foot in another shop.

Ecover (owned by SC Johnson) – kitchen, bathroom and general purpose cleaners and laundry products

Method (owned by SC Johnson) – kitchen, bathroom and general purpose cleaners as well as hand soaps

Tesco’s Own Brand – they have a full range of household products

Beauty & Skincare

While there is not much, for men, there is a full range. For women, not so much although big stores have a Barry M counter so you can even get make up!

Barry M – make up and nail polish

Original Source – shower gels

Bulldog – men’s hair and skincare

Treace Moon – body washes


Like I said the list is not huge, but you could still do a lot of the months shopping!

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