It has become apparent to me that certain brands out there are getting very good at pretending they are cruelty free. It is not a new concept, sadly many brands who “fight animal testing” in fact allow others to test on animals for them, but it seems to be that more people are falling for it. Last week I even witnessed someone on social media happily offering up MAC as a fantastic cruelty free brand. While spreading this would normally drive me mad as they have not checked their facts, this actually doesn’t. Mainly because, these companies spend a lot of time and money on making themselves look this way. They actively promote themselves as cruelty free so it can be very hard for consumers to keep up or even understand the situation. So today I thought I would highlight some of the brands who people never fail to be surprised test on animals. Despite the image these brands give out to the world, they most definitely test on animals.



Consumers want to love the Dove Real Beauty range, especially for their inclusive marketing campagins. They talk a good talk and the adverts make the brand look wholesome and natural, due to this people think they don’t test on animals but actually they do. Not only that, their products are actually full of crap! Despite their real beauty campaign they do not use real ingredients in their products. Another mark against them is they are owned by Unilever who for a whole list of reasons are not a corporation I want to give my money to. For all these reasons, I would never buy from Dove.


Almost everyone I have informed that Simple test on animals is really shocked. They market themselves as a great green brand the name alone dupes people into believeing them to be natural but the adverts further encourage this. For this reason again people think they would not be testing on animals, but they do. Their website states in response to the question “are Simple products tested on animals?” :

“Our parent company Unilever have been leading our industry and investing £3 million a year for the past 7 years on developing alternative non-animal testing methods. ”

But actually they test on animals. This is so misleading to consumers, but perfectly legal as they don’t actually lie. The cynic in me says they probably only put £3million a year into alternatives to animal testing as a tax break. Exactly like Dove, their products also contain lots of nasties and are far from simple. And obviously they are owned by Unilever. Sadly Simple are another company who will neer see my money.


As a bit of a cult brand, people just assume they are forward thinking and so would never test on animals. People are shocked to find out otherwise, made even more shocking as their website states;

“Benefit does not test our products on animals” and “We are deeply committed to the elimination of animal testing”

But do not be duped, this is very clever marketing, they sell in China and therefore allow testing on animals to make money in that market, end of.



And another brand who state they don’t test on animals. Yet sell in China. More clever wording. Apparently they do not want to exclude people in China, sorry but they just don’t want to exclude their money.


While it is no shock they test on animals to most people, I had to include them for one reason. They claim to allow their products to be tested on animals, so they can be part of the Chinese market to try and change it from the inside. So, wait a minute, they claim they are testing on animals, and allowing people in the country to buy their products so they can influence them to not test on animals. Surely, not selling in that country as they would need their products tested on animals and encouraging consumers in China to fight the laws would be a better plan if they genuinely care about the animals. More clever marketing.


If you are now thinking, well what the hell can I buy, go and have a look at my cruelty free brand list. A dupe for Simple and Dove which can be easily found is Amie but if you want something more natural try Neal’s Yard or one of the many small independent brands. For good make up try Charlotte Tilbury or Sara Hill. There are loads of options, I promise!

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