I addressed this a bit in my post on whether or not my lifestyle was extreme. But people still want to know what I had to give up to become vegan, cruelty free and zero waste (although I am still a beginner on the latter!). So I thought I should do a full disclousure of the things I genuinely miss since I have stopped myself from buying or eating certain things. I want to point out while I miss them, I do not feel less fulfilled for not having them. I do not miss any of them enough to change back. But also I wanted to show you just how little I actually do miss, this list is genuinely exhaustive, there is nothing I have not listed on here which I miss.


Hair dye

There is such a thing as cruelty free, vegan hair dye, but it all washes out so quickly it is not worth the money. Previously, I dyed my hair black all the time. I do miss it. If I could get a long lasting dye which was cruelty free and came in recyclable packaging, I would be all over it. Having said that, it is not the end of the world. If I have an occasion I want my hair dyed for, I can still get it done, only it will just last a week or two and will cost a bit more than it used to.


Macaroni Cheese

No matter what anyone tells you, vegan cheese sauce does not taste like cheese sauce. There are a few crazy concoctions out there which just use a potato, carrot and other healthy ingredients and while they come a bit closer, they still are not right. I would love to eat a proper macaroni cheese when I am unwell. It really is my go to. Before going vegan this was my fave food, so I was always going to miss it. Do I miss it enough to go out there and buy a block of cheddar, no.


Stuffed Crust Pizza

There are loads of amazing vegan pizzas out there, in fact I have the best vegan pizza shop up the road from me. I genuinely do not even notice it is not real cheese. The thing is they don’t do stuffed crust. No one does. When I want a big junk meal for dinner and to dip my stuffed crust in BBQ dip, there is no option. Is this a huge deal, not really. I maybe miss it once every few months, so instead I just order a plain pizza.


There is no denying that some of the things which I now use on a daily basis come from different shops. I can’t just order nutritional yeast or Faith in Nature shampoo from Tesco. Likewise, I can’t order veggies online as they all come in plastic. It does mean a trip to the local health food shop every couple of months or physically going to the shop for veggies, but honestly it is no big deal.


It seems crazy that this list is so short, but I spent a fair bit of time thinking about this, and it is honestly all I actually miss!!! For everything else there is a vegan alternative or the normal version is accidently vegan (like Chilli Heatwave Doritos, they would have been a struggle to give up!). Any other vegans, zero wasters out there, what do you miss?

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