I guess when it comes to zero waste in the kitchen there are two aspects, one which I have nailed, the other not so much! The not so much nailed is food. I am still just not perfect at this, so much of what I bring into my kitchen is still wrapped in plastic, crisps are a huge issue! But it is a process and I am getting there! The part I am on top of and which I intend to give you the essentials of today is the utensils and equipment. For a while I didn’t really want to put this post up until I had the food nailed too, but then I figured who cares if I am not there yet. What I have found along the way can help you already. So here we are with my zero waste kitchen essentials.


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Kitchen Towel

I got this from Etsy. It is made using material which is super absorbent so it will actually act like kitchen towel. We have used it to wipe up spills, as a napkin for messy hands and to dry the worktop after it is cleaned to name a few uses. I am really glad I bought it and would now not be without. It even holds together like a roll.


Eco Cloth

I got a couple of these for my Chrismtas and am loving them. They are durable and can also be washed. Nothing groundbreaking, but good none the less!


Soy Wax Wraps

I love these! Whenever I would usually be grabbing the cling film I now go for my soy wax wraps. This is the perfect alternative. I use them mostly to wrap my sandwiches in. Food can be put into containers, but that often requires cutting the food into smaller pieces, like big bits of fruit needing cut small to fit. This will shorten how long they will last. Instead I just wrap the exposed edge in my soy wrap. I also have drawstring covers which can be put over the top of dishes in the fridge. I have three different sizes and the drawstring means they fit any plate or bowl.


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Shopping Bag

I think everyone in the UK is already on the plastic bag wagon, but make sure you always have a reusable bag when you go shopping. When I go to the vegetable market, I use my canvas bags but when I go to the supermarket it is for tins of things so I have some of the sturdy plastic reusable bags for this. We leave a few in the car at all times so we don’t get caught out.


Vegetable Bags

Whenever I go to the shop I make sure I have these too. They can be used to put vegetables, fruit or any loose buys in instead of the little single use plastic bags supermarkets provide. My first set was shop bought. The rest have all been handmade (as always by my mum!). They really are a godsend and as I have said before people are always commenting on them.


Vegetable scrubber

When you switch to buying your veg from the market, this is an absolute must! I have gloves which I can put on and rub my vegetables clean, I really like them.



Nutri Ninja

If I could urge you to buy one thing. This is it. Having it stops the need for buying premade sauces, juices, nut milks, cheese, smoothies, ice cream, the list goes on and on. This particular blender is not cheap, but comes with an attachement for everything. Since I bought it, every single day it is used at least once, it has been such a good buy to let me really move forward with my zero waste efforts.


Glass Jars

Obviously you could go out and buy glass jars, which I did for large storage, but for small amounts, reusing glass jars which other products came in is the best option. They can be used to buy food from zero waste supermarkets or to simply put in food you want to be able to see. For me having all my products in glass jars just makes cooking feel like a more enjoyable process, I find them very aesthetically pleasing.


Has anyone got any other must haves for the kitchen?

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