I am so bad at Valentines day I even posted my alternative valentines a day late, what a fail. So please humour me and pretend today is the 14th haha!!


As it is (the day after) Valentines Day I figured it was a great excuse to list some things I have been loving lately. I am naming it an alternative Valentines, but do not get me wrong, I am not anti Valentines, it just is not a thing for me. My husband and I forget it every single year. Our anniversary is in a couple of weeks time and every year we go on a holiday for it so we are normally wrapped up in arranging that. It creeps up on us every year and we always do exactly nothing. This year I decided while the day may pass my husband and I by, I wanted to take the excuse to blog the things I am loving right now.



Plastic is being talked about everywhere

The thing I have been loving the most in the past couple of months is just how much plastic has been getting discussed. For the last 18 months I have been banging on about it and to be honest having such concern for the planet while others simply don’t care is tough to deal with. Now others are actually talking about using less plstic and whole towns are banning plastic straws it makes me so happy and just goes to show while it is a long struggle, things are changing!


Spring is on it’s way

Obviously it happens every year after winter so it is no big surprise, but this year I am so ready for it. This winter has been a real struggle. I have been training for doing my Inca Trail trek (which to most is no big deal but my fitness levels are pretty rubbish!!) and feeling ill. The two together along with really cold and dark mornings has just made me feel ick. The sun is coming out though and while I would love to say it is warmer (which it is not it was snowing on Monday!!) it is getting lighter. My cold is also finally shifting after a mere 6 weeks! I am so ready for sunshine amd getting outdoors more.


Vegan food is everywhere

Everywhere I look these days a new vegan product or range is being announced. It is so exciting! Not only does it mean there is clearly more of a demand for it, it also just makes my life easier! Being able to buy vegan cheese that melts on nachos is such a novelty! Also vegan options marked on the menu basically every single place I have went for dinner in the past 2 months is pretty damned exciting too. Gone are the days of chips and a side salad!


My new greenhouse

I got a greenhouse for my birthday and can’t wait to get it put together and to start growing things. Every year I try to grow more and more in my garden but being in Scotland having no greenhouse has hindered it slightly. In summer I will no doubt bring a few gardening posts your way.  It is very middle aged, but hey, I don’t care, I love it!!


My decluttered house

I know I have been banging on about this, but it is just bringing me so much happiness!! It may take a while for this to grow old. Just having a home for everything makes me a happy person, like really happy. There are some of you who may think I need to get out more, but I am so comfortable with this! A full post on my decluttering will be coming your way later this month.


My bullet journal

I have totally turned into one of those people who spends hours on end watching YouTube videos these days and during one particular rabbit hole binge, I discovered bullet journaling. And it is my new favourite thing! Having a space to be creative is just a great thing for me. I am so busy that I don’t really take the time to be creative and work that part of my brain, but doing my planning through pictures and drawing has been really fun. I am pretty confident I will keep this up, and if you have no idea what I am on about, google it! You never know you may love it too….

What have you been loving??

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