Evolve is a great brand which I came across last year, ever since I keep seeing it everywhere! They are a UK brand who are cruelty free (obviously), vegan and natural. Evolve Organic Beauty also care about the environment and use recyclable packaging (apart from the pumps or pipettes). The range includes skincare, haircare and deodorant. The best bit is they do samples too, so you can buy them before you buy a big bottle if you can’t get a stockist locally. I am lucky enough my local skincare shop stock a fair selection of the range.


For the past couple of months I have been using the Daily Detox Facial Wash and Hyaluronic Serum daily. I was immediately drawn to the cleanser as it smells so beautiful, seriously good enough to eat, it was a pleasant surprise it was also for my skin type. The serum I actually received in a beauty box which I used to subscribe to.


Evolve skincare


First of all the packaging is really nice, the outer packaging is plain brown with only product information which I really like. I just love the rustic feel of this kind of packing, so easily pleased. Within this, the bottles themselves are either glass or plastic which will biodegrade (zero waste bonus). Although, as mentioned above, they do have a plastic pump, but I guess short of making my own products this may be as good as it gets. I really need to look into whether or not brands would take packaging back to reuse or refill for me…. Anyway, I digress, this is also really plain, almost clynical, which I like about it too.


As mentioned, the cleanser smells divine. The website calls it an aloe vera fragrance, but to me it is far more fruity, the goji berries and papaya are just divine. It is for normal to oily skin, of which I am on the oily end. I have been using it morning and night, although at night as part of a two step cleansing process. Only a small amount of the cleanser is reuiqred, which is easy as it is more like a gel than a cream, so if you wanted to make it last as long as possible, this would be easy enough! It works into a decent lather and really seems to take the make up and general “day” off my skin. When I dry my face there is never any residue on the towels, which is normally an issue for me. At first I have to admit my skin did breakout for a couple of days, but ever since it has been looking great. This has just been such a great product for my skin. My niece who is 14 also uses it (after trying mine and asking for one for her!). Her skin is very much acne prone, oily teenage skin and it seems to be wonderful for her too. It is a great all rounder for me and I would feel confident saying most skin types would be great with it.


Technically the serum is for normal to dry skin, but while my skin is oily, it can also get dry so for me this has also been great. The serum is different to others I have used as like the face wash, it is more of a gel. Rather than feeling really luxurious on my skin (like most serums) when applied it feels almost sticky, but then immediately seeps in. So while it feels different it is still absorbs into my skin perfectly. It also doesn’t really have much of a scent which all my other serums have, but this is good by me as my moisturisers always seem to have a fair bit of scent so this suits me. As with the cleanser, I have been really happy with this product. My skin has been clear since I started using it (other than the first few days) and I feel like it looks a bit brighter, maybe I am kidding myself, but I think I do see the crows feet disappearing a bit too.


Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows I have really sensitive skin and neither product has caused any kind of reaction so seem like they would be good for sensitive skin too. Both of these products will be on my repurchase list and I look forward to trying more of their products when what I have starts to run out.

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