If there is one thing I get very excited about coming in a cruelty free, vegan version it is definitely perfume. When I first started using cruelty free products I found it near enough impossible to find cruelty free perfumes. I have since learned there are plenty companies out there selling them if you know where to look! One of those is Dolma, a wholly independent company based in Lancashire in England. They specialise in perfume but on their website have a number of other products, all cruelty free and all vegan. A few months ago they kindly sent me a sampler set of their perfumes to give them a try and so today I will be letting you know how I got on.


dolma perfumes

First a bit about Dolma. As mentioned they are an independent company based in England. They are passionate about not testing on animals and use only vegan ingredients. One look on the website makes this very obvious. This has been their main focus since 1982, so you know you are in safe hands buying from Dolma. They sell candles, body wash, shampoo and conditioner but their main focus is their perfumes. There are 12 perfumes and 4 aftershaves to choose from.


The sampler set which was sent to me includes all 12 of their perfumes each in a small bottle which is big enough to last a week! Actually, come to think of it, I have been testing them for near enough 3 months now and they are still not empty haha! So definitely value for money in the sample set. The scents are a mixture of fruity, floral, woody and oriental. I will admit here, I am not too sure which is which, I have never been that good with scents, I just know what I like! For people like me this is the advantage of the sampler set, getting to try all the perfumes they have to offer when a description means nothing to you!! I would be lying if I said I like all 12, I don’t, but then that is the entire point in having more than one fragrance, something to suit everyone. Having said that, there are none that I instantly thought I disliked either. Most are a just a nice all day scent, however, my stand out favourites they are Amethyst Mist, Compassion and Vegamusk. All three are gorgeous.


dolma perfume


Smells aside the actual perfume itself lasts an impressive amount of time. I don’t know if it is just me, but perfume normally seems to last just a few hours on my skin, but the Dolma perfumes have real staying power, they last all day. I would definitely re-apply it if I were going out at night, but in general one application would last from leaving the house in the morning until I get home after work. To me, this is very impressive! If you read the blog regularly you will know I have silly sensitive skin and this can be irritated by perfume too but there was no irritation at all from this perfume. So if you have sensitive skin it may be worth giving Dolma perfumes a try.


Since wearing these perfumes I have had compliments too. Work colleagues have even commented on how good I smell which is always nice. It is not a comment I very often get (probably because my perfume normally lasts 5 minutes!!). This speaks volumes of how good the Dolma perfumes are.


If you fancy giving their perfume a try I highly suggest you buy the sampler set I received so you can try all 12 and pick your favourite. Once I finish my sampler set I will certainly be buying a full size of a couple of the scents. I have been really happy with my Dolma perfumes and am definitely happy to recommend them to you all.

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