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Palazzo las vegas


Obviously, we only stayed in one hotel, but I gave it some serious research before booking. I was totally torn between 3 hotels, the Wynn, the Cosmopolitan and the Palazzo. In the end I went for the Palazzo, and loved it. The hotel was really nice. Unlike others on the strip it had a far more laid back atmosphere and felt a little bit more luxurious. This meant there was no drunk or rowdy people which I particularly enjoyed. Now I know most people will be going to vegas to be the drunk rowdy people, but that is just not my scene so the vibe here was perfect for us. The only slight downside was how busy the pools were. I had specifically picked the hotel due to the number of pools thinking this may make doing some laps easier, but unless I was there at 8am, it was already crazy busy at each and every one. But as I am a loser and in bed at like 10pm every night, I was totally there doing my lengths at 8am haha!!


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wynn las vegas


And speaking of pools, that is why in the end I did not choose the Wynn, it only has a couple. Based on this I thought that meant no chance of getting a lounger or any laps in, but my room looked right on to their pools and at no point during the 5 night stay was it ever busy. And there was loads of shade, which in July is not just nice, but basically necessary for anyone Scottish! Like the Palazzo, this was another laid back, non rowdy hotel. On top of this it was just beautiful, the décor was stunning. The real win here though is the food. The Wynn is owned by a vegan and so every restaurant has vegan options. I will talk more on that below, but the food was immense!


Finally, we gave a good check out to the Cosmopolitan. It looked really nice and was a little bit more high energy than the other two. The location was also closer to the other hotels on the Strip. If you are going to Vegas to drink and club, I think this would be a good bet. We had one meal here and it was ok, but nothing like what you get in the Wynn so I wouldn’t really recommend. Of all the restaurants to me it looked like only one had a vegan option.


Top Places to Visit

As I touched on above, my husband and I are hardly your typical Vegas clientele. We dont really drink, both have pretty addictive personalities so proper gambling is out and due to Scottish skin are not exactly sun lovers either. You may, probably rightly ask, why were we in Vegas. Well I went as a child and know there is a lot more to it than what it is famed for, and I wanted my husband to experience it while we were so close anyway. So I have some alternative Las Vegas activities below!


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Pinball Hall of Fame

I am a little bit in love with this place. I am not exactly a hard core pin ball fan, but genuinely I had an absolute blast here. There are so many different machines you can’t ever get bored. Both mine and my husbands fave was the Ghostbusters machine. So much fun, and actually pretty cheap too! LOVED IT!!!

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Neon Museum

This place is gaining popularity and rightly so. It is a great little spot where they restore and show old signs from the strip. Personally I went during the day but you can go at night as well. For me, I made the correct choice, seeing the signs unlit were a bit more interesting. I was really very impressed by how much information the tour guides had, it was a real Las Vegas history tour. The museum is very popular so make sure you book in advance or you will be disappointed.

Mob Museum

I got a joint ticket for this and the Neon Museum. If I hadn’t, I may not have ever actually gone here. I am so glad we did. It is a big museum which is full to the brim of information on the rise of the Mob in the US, and specifically their ties to Las Vegas. I know most people don’t go to Las Vegas for a bit of history, but do, it is great!


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Container Park

This is just off Fremont Street (in the same area as both the Neon and Mob museum). It has a great selection of small independent shops and restaurants. We particularly loved the LAYOP shop. The t-shirts are such high quality, I just wish we had bought more. The owner was a super nice guy too! I will talk about the food below!


Obviously, you have to do some gambling in Vegas, even if you have an addictive personality! We were loving the slot machines and played together, it was good fun. We didn’t win any money, but we didn’t loose a load either. Spending a couple of hours on the slots each night didn’t cost too much in the end.


Amazing Food

vegan pizza in Las Vegas(sorry for the gross photo!! Lighting was terrible!!)

Slice of Vegas

The night we arrived we decided to head straight to this place which was just a short walk away, only 2 miles, yet somehow Google had it pitched as a 1 hour 15 minute walk.  Obviously I know better and 2 miles takes 25 minutes max.  It does not!  Vegas is busy and hot and sometimes places require you getting on a tram. By the time we arrived in the Mandalay Bay hotel (just over an hour later) where Slice of Vegas is, we were hot, frustrated and utterly hated Las Vegas.

The good news is the pizza here calmed the storm brewing inside of me and my perspective on the whole situation had changed by leaving time!  The restaurant has a dedicated vegan menu on the back of the standard menu.  On it there are lots of pizza options, a few starters and a few desserts.  Honestly the starters and desserts didn’t set the world on fire.  I didn’t even bother with them.  Instead I went for a big house pizza which had peppers and meatballs.

While the pizza was not the best I have ever had, it was good and I would definitely recommend it as an option in Las Vegas.

vegan las vegas

Ronald’s Doughnuts

I am more of a savoury than a sweet fan.  Doughnuts however are my downfall.  Whenever I see a vegan doughnut option, it has to be bought.  So when the internet advised me of a not to be missed doughnut shop in Vegas, I was there in the morning, on my first day!

Not all the doughnuts are vegan, but the vast majority of options are.  There were two full shelves of doughtnutty goodness.  A number of options were cinnamon flavoured (which is absolutely fine by me, as one of my fave things ever), a few were relatively plain and then there were chocolate ones too.  They were also all pretty damn cheap!  $1.50 each, which when you have been spending $3.00 a bottle of water in the supermarket, is basically a bargain.  We bought 4, as obviously you definatley need to eat 2 doughnuts at a time.  All were really fresh and tasted amazing.  Although, I am not sure they are better than ConsederIts’ doughtnuts.  Well worth the trip if you are in Vegas though, but you do need a car to get there!

Red 8 at the Wynn

I could probably eat in this restaurant for the rest of my life, the food was fantastic. The food is Asian fusion and there is an extensive selection of vegan options. There were a couple of options marked as vegan on the main menu, but if you speak to the Waiters they are happy to talk you through everything which can be made vegan too.

In the end I went for Dumplings to start and then the Gardein Cashew Chick’n, Celery, Mushrooms and Ginger. We also ordered some Wok-Fried Chinese Lettuce. All three were fantastic, but the surprise was the lettuce. It was gorgeous (although I think we may have had to ask for this to be veganised if I remember rightly!). Both myself and Paul could not get enough of it. The portions were pretty big so we didn’t quite manage to finish all our food but that was nothing to do with the flavours! Highly, highly recommend.

The Buffet at the Wynn

If you have ever googled “buffet, vegas” or “vegan buffet, vegas” the Wynn Buffet always comes top of the recommendations. As a result of this if you don’t go at a slightly more unusal time rumour has it you will actually struggle to get in (which I can believe as when we left there was a HUGE que). However, I found it really quite disappointing. While yes there were a large number of vegan options, they were all really average. I had a far nicer meal pretty much everywhere else we went on the trip.

If you are all about quantity over quality, this is totally for you, if not, in all honesty it just made me wish I had gone back to Red 8!

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Simply Pure at Container Park

First thing, this is an actual restaurant so be prepared to wait for your food, it is not fast food. Sadly I didn’t realise this so had not left myself the time to wait for the Lasagne, which I am assured is utterly amazing and well worth the wait, according to the people eating it when I arrived!! Instead I went for Green Chili Enchiladas which were really good. They were really fresh and had a great flavour, different to anything I had tried before. Everything I saw leaving the kitchen looked fantastic, and all healthy too. So I encourage you to give this place a visit, you will not regret it!

Pinches Tacos at Container Park

This place was a bit of a shock. It looked like a regular fast food Mexican, which I guess it was, but my god did the flavour pack a punch! I only had nachos, having decided to go to Simply Pure for lunch but they were the best I have ever eaten! My husband had his lunch here, it was meat but he loved what he had. If I was ever back in Las Vegas this is definitely somewhere I would go find to try again!

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