The older I get, the more I value a pamper night and what better night to do it than on blue Monday.  When we all feel a bit down in the dumps about life (although honestly I don’t, I love January no matter what others think!).  Regardless, it is a real luxury to give myself the time to have a pamper night, but it is a luxury which I think we should all allow ourselves.  The benefits of having one night each week where we just allow ourselves to unwind and relax are immeasurable. Unlike most people who seem to have a pamper night on a Sunday, I tend to go for a Tuesday or Wednesday to break the week up a bit. Almost like my treat to myself for getting through the first few days! I have a long bath, put on a face mask, have a good coffee scrub then get out and light a candle, paint my nails, read my fave book and have an early night. Bliss!


cruety free pamper


Bath Salts or Bath Bomb

This totally depends on my mood, if I go for the bath salts my current favourite (actually my forever fave) are You Dirty Scrub’s Bath Salts, I just love the smell of them all and all natural ingredients. If I opt for a bath bomb, you just can’t look past Lush. I am lucky enough to work just a few doors from Lush so depending on my mood the day I have decided to have my pamper session I go past and buy exactly the bath bomb I want. Although generally I go for the most colourful ones!


Face Mask

Whilst in the bath I always put on a face mask. Honestly, my fave changes with the week, but I really love a clay mask. Currently at the top of my list is the Arran Aromatics Sea Mud Mask. It has a gorgeous smooth consistency which just glides on my face. The mask takes about 15 minutes to dry in and is easily removed with a facecloth. After each mask my skin feels really soft and nourished.


Coffee Scrub

Look no further than You Dirty Scrub, buy the one to match your bath salts and you will be in heaven! While I am sure other vegan coffee scrubs exist I have never looked for one as I am too in love with my You Dirty Scrub products haha! If you want more info on the scrubs, I drooled all over them in this post!



When I get out the bath spending time unwinding in my bedroom is the next step. For this I always light a candle. As I am vegan, the candles I go for are made with soy and not beeswax. Of those I have tried the Harpers Bizarre candles have the best scent. Even just having the lid off them can leave the room smelling utterly gorgeous. My personal faves are the ones brought out at Halloween, but all year round they have yummy scents.


Nail Varnish

First up I obviously have to remove my old nail varnish. Recently I have been using the Maggie Anne nail varnish remover which smells amazing, Strawberry & Grape!! Then I add my colour. Whilst I would love to say I have tried loads of brands, the truth is I always use Barry M. I bought so many when I first went cruelty free there is no sense buying any others!



Last up, I love to curl up with my puppy and a good book. As I have moved towards zero waste I have been loving my Kindle even more. The most recent books I have been reading are called The Tracey Crosswhite Series by Robert Dugoni. They are mystery, but not so much to make your head spin at bedtime.


And that is it, my ultimate cruelty free pamper night. We should all allow ourselves time for some self care at least once a week! What are your fave products to use? I would love some new things to try!

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