On my journey to zero waste by far the easiest area to do this has been in my bathroom. Finding new items which are not as wasteful for my shower and skincare routine has been so simple. Most items can be purchased at your local health food shop or very easily online. Personally I buy them in bulk as I have a cellar outside which has space for this which makes it even easier. Most of these options are pretty cheap too so even if you are on a budget it can be easy to move to zero waste.

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Some zero wasters out there can make their own skincare or use a bar of soap but my skin is just too greasy and acne prone for that. I go for the next best option which is to buy products in glass jars. In recent months I have mentioned many brands, but I am currently using Neal’s Yard, Evolve Skincare and Osea. All are in glass jars and cardboard packaging.


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Face Cloth

Personally I use my face cloth to open my pores after using an oil cleanser (this seems to work wonders for my skin!!). But for those who like to use face wipes, just use a face cloth instead. Face wipes may be convenient but they are just so wasteful!



Similarly cotton wool is so unnecessary. It is fairly standard issue to be able to buy zero waste alternatives to remove make up, apply toner etc but I actually found the ones I bought too harsh for my skin. Instead I made my own (read my mum made them) out of muslin cloth. They are super soft and no matter how much rubbing I do, never irritate my skin.


plastic free shower essentials


Shampoo Bar

The most zero waste way to wash your hair without going “no poo” (but that is a whole other thing) is to use a shampoo bar. Honestly it takes a bit of getting used to after using normal shampoo but once you get there you won’t look back. For a few washes your hair will likely feel sticky while you are in the shower, but this is normal, it is just your hair adjusting. Shampoo bars are pretty easy to find now, you can get one online, at a health food shop or even Lush is always a good option.


Soap Bar

Rather than using a shower gel or wash in plastic packaging, buy a soap bar. Most shampoo bars are actually dual purpose, but I do have a different bar for washing my body. They come packaged in just some paper so again very minimal waste.


Hand Soap

And just to call it out, use a bar not a plastic bottle of soap, the same soap you use in the shower will be fine, but personally I have a bar of soap at each sink too.


Epsom Salts

If you love a bath, these are a great zero waste alternative. Espom salts can be bought in bulk or in cardboard packaging. They are great for relaxing muscles. If you want you can even make your own bath salts by adding essentials oils. I always have a jar of them by the bath.


Safety Razor

Made from stainless steel they will last a lifetime. Unlike their plastic counterparts, the blades can also be recycled. No plastic in sight. The shave is better in my opinion too!


Bamboo Toothbrush

This is just such a simple change. Bamboo toothbrushes are easily bought online and work exactly like a normal toothbrush but without the plastic. My latest even has charcoal infused bristles which help whiten teeth naturally. Once they are done they can be composted.


Toilet Roll

I bought my Who Gives a Crap toilet roll back in August and just one box is still not finished. The toilet roll is wrapped in paper so the packaging is fully recyclable. On top of this the company give money to charity for every box bought. Not to mention it is super soft, we get the bamboo rolls.

Menstrual Cup

I did a whole post on my Mooncup, but a menstrual cup saves so much waste from our systems every year. I only wish I had bought one sooner!

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