A lot of people instantly dismiss natural or cruelty free beauty as poor quality. The very word “natural” to many, means ineffective. So unfortunately some people believe natural beauty is not even worth trying. With big name brands constantly bombarding us with revolutionary new products which will apparently change our lives it is hard to believe that the product made with only essential oils will work. This is such a shame because there are amazing natural, green companies and products out there. So for todays post I decided to answer the question, should you move to natural skin care and make up?


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I can hand on my heart say my skin has never been better since I moved to cruelty free, and then natural beauty. To begin with I was not overly bothered about how natural my skin care was, so long as it was cruelty free, however as I have researched more and more on the subject I have been moving towards natural skincare and make up. While I am no expert I would say that 70% of the products which I now buy are natural. When looking for new products this is certainly one of the criteria I look for. Although, full disclosure, sometimes it is just not possible to get what I want and I end up buying unnatural products. For anyone who is unsure on if natural products are for them or who just want a bit more information I have highlighted the important stuff (for me!) below.


Natural make up doesn’t have the nasties

It goes without saying, the whole point in natural make up is that it does not have any nasties, but have you considered why you should care about this. The truth is the harsh chemicals which we put on our skin can range from being bad for it, to potentially actually being harmful to us and our bodies. One of the main products falling into this category is deodorant, or more specifically antiperspirant. There are links between antiperspirant and a number of serious diseases including cancer and kidney failure. While these claims are not confirmed when there are other options out there, such as natural deodorant why even risk it!


This lack of nasties often also means that natural products are better for sensitive skin as well. I remember years ago going to the Clarins counter to get skincare and the rep asking me what I had previously used. At the time it was Clinique, the rep went on to tell me about how bad for my skin the products were and that it is little wonder people have reactions to chemicals put in these products, they are seriously harsh! She was a bit pot, kettle, black because Clarins are not much better, but the conversation stuck with me none the less. All the products I bought because they were the next best thing for acne or blemishes were actually hurting my skn they were so harsh. This was probably a big reason my skin was such a mess in the first place. As above since I have been giving natural beauty a go my skin is like another persons. The lack of nasties is certainly loved by my skin!


Natural skin care and make up is not as expensive as you may think

As with cruelty free products, there seems to be an opinion that natural make up and skincare is expensive. This is not always the case. In fact in my experience while the products can be more expensive than cheap high street brands, they are cheaper than like for like high end products. If you buy cheap just now, it will cost you more, but if you already buy Clinique or MAC, natural products will probably come out cheaper. Also worth a mention is that I have also found they seem to last longer, especially my serums and face washes.


Natural make up and skin care is effective

As mentioned above, my skin has never been better. It is less prone to acne, I no longer have a super greasy forehead, I don’t get the horrible dry patches I used to in winter, my lips are far more nourished and my confidence is through the roof (when it comes to my skin lol!!). What is not to like. Previously my skin was a disaster, and sensitive to so many products, but it is now just calm. I will certainly not be going back to harsh chemicals.


They are better for the environment

So I can’t really whitewash all natural brands and say they are good for the environment but the vast majority are certainly better for it. For a start natural brands are more likely to be using glass bottles or recycled packaging. It also seems to be something that is more than a show, they seem to really take the packaging of their products in to consideration. As well as this due to the ingredients being natural, when they get washed into our water and ultimately in to our eco system, they do not cause the same harm as man made products do. There is information everywhere on sea animals having stomachs full of plastic and dying of starvation because of it, so the less plastic and chemicals we put into our oceans the better! The products which we chose to use are directly effecting and potentially destroying our planet.


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My favourite natural brands

Hopefully you are now convinced natural, green brands are the way forward, so which ones do I rate. Top of my list for make up is always Lily Lolo, I love their make up. It is not all vegan, but most of it is. From the packaging to the products themselves I am a huge fan. I keep hearing about a brand called Zao too so am excited to give them a try in the coming months.

When it comes to skincare the options are almost endless, there is a massive green/ natural beauty movement out there. If I had to pick favourites I would go with Osea, Dr Botanicals, Evolve Organic Skincare, Neal’s Yard and You Dirty Scrub.

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