Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a great start to it and are not still too hung over!! Normally at the start of the month I bring you a new list of cruelty free brands, but honestly, I have not contacted any since November so have none to give. So instead I am bringing you my fave brands which I discovered in 2017. There are not that many as this is a true faves list, they are brands I will be buying from again and again. Most are totally vegan, use zero waste packaging and natural ingredients.


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Dr Botanicals

I really love this brand. For a big chunk of the year I have been using their serums and moisturisers and my skin loves them. They all smell fantastic and have all natural ingredients. Another good thing, TK Maxx stock a fair few of their products, so you can not only get them in a shop, but also cheaper! This moisturiser is a new one and I could probably eat it from the tube it smells so good, although I will try my best not to!!


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Meow Meow Tweet

Is it possible to be in actual love with a deodorant??? If it is, meet my soul mate! This deodorant was a purchase from Credo in Los Angeles after 30 minutes of trying to decide which deodorant to buy. Sooooo glad I got this one in the end as it actually works. And works all day. It is a cream, which takes getting used to, but so well worth it! I just put in an order for another few as basically I will not be using any other deodorant ever again.


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Evolve Organic Beauty

I will be bringing you a full review of their products either later this month or next, but in brief, I am a fan. They smell fantastic, are light on my skin and actually work. The packaging is also something I am a fan of, it is just so neat and clean which for some reason makes me want to put it on my skin even more, is that weird? Like I say, full review in a month so look back if you want more info!


Osea Malibu

Another brand bought in LA I did a post on them over here, but basically, I recommend giving them a go. Again the ingredients are all natural and everything comes in glass which is perfect for those on the zero waste journey.


Made by Cooper’s Apothecary

Another natural beauty brand, I have had the Calm Mist for a couple of months now and just love it. Before receiving this in the Natural Beauty Box it would have always felt a bit unnecessary, but having received it I am such a big fan. I spray this on my pillow every night and it is just wonderful. I love the smell and genuinely believe it helps me sail off to sleep every night. They have other products I have not tried, but for this alone, are on my faves of 2017.

And that is it! My fave discoveries in 2017. I hope to try even more products from each brand in 2018 too. Which were your faves??

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PS. how many times can one person say fave :O