Well guys here we are, another year over, I can’t quite believe it. And I am sure you can’t either. As always I like to round my year off with looking forward into the next, so I am talking new year’s resolutions. Over the last few years I have made big lifestyle changes, which I will continue to move forward with, making up some small resolutions, but I also have a big one. I also wanted to take a minute to say thank you to each and every one of you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it and hope that I am inspiring you to make some changes in your lives!! But enough of that, here are my 2018 resolutions…….



Buy products without plastic packaging

I did a little experiment back in September where I didn’t buy anything in plastic packaging. I am moving toward zero waste so am well aware of the amount of plastic we use, but was still shocked when I totally banned myself just how bad the situation really is! If you want to know more, the post on my month plastic free is here. But back to the resolution! The plan is to stop buying things in plastic packaging. It does mean having to be significantly more prepared when it comes to cooking and buying ingredients, but totally manageable.

Be more organised

I am a total train wreck when it comes to, basically everything. I spend my life apologising to people for not meeting them or being late because in all honesty everything in my life is out of control! I manage day to day, but god only knows how! I forget birthdays, car insurance, to take dinner out the freezer. So 2018 is the year I am getting organised. And I am not just saying this. I will be more organised and this will make my life easier, no more running about at the last minute doing things. Honestly, I am pretty excited about this, and hopefully (but no promises) it will mean I am more organised with this blog too!!!


Do yoga every day

When it comes to doing something consistently I am just the worst, I start something new and after 3 weeks have already given up. The plan is to do yoga every single day. Some days this will be an hours class, others it will be a 10 minute stretch before bed, but either way I will be here in 365 days telling you I have completed this resolution, I hope!!

Shopping ban

This is the biggie! I will not be buying anything new in 2018 apart from food, skin care and make up. Everything else will have to be made or second hand. The more I have looked into zero waste the more apparent it is just how driven we are by consumerism. To have watched people all over the festive period buy for the sake of buying, receiving funny presents no one wants or getting the best bargains out there in the sales has really opened my eyes. It is just ridiculous, imagine how much money we could save by just getting off this ride. We don’t need the things we are told are must haves. So for 2018, I just wont be buying them. I am excited and a little scared by this resolution. Excited to see how I get on and to find creative ways to get things I may need over the year. Scared that I will fail or it will be much harder than I had anticipated. But succeed or fail, I am going into 2018 with full intentions of buying nothing.


What are your resolutions? Is anyone doing anything similar?

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