One of the most common responses I hear when I talk to people about veganism, going cruelty free, zero waste or buying ethically is, “but what I do won’t make any difference”. So I thought it was about time I did a post on my blog on just why you making a change does count, obviously just in time for those New Year’s resolutions too! I have listed just a few ways that what you do does make a difference, it may be a small one, but who cares it is a difference and it does affect our planet and the animals (and humans) on it! Maybe when you make some resolutions for next year, you can make a change you can be proud of!


make a change


You are a person

Shockingly, every single one of us is a person, who knew?? Every decision each and every one of us singularly makes does impact the world. It may be more like the flutter of a bees wings than it is a tsunami, but it is still influencing the area around the bee! The small changes you make influence the environment around you end of.


Others watch what you do

Whether you are Kim Kardashian or well, me, people are always watching what you do. It may not be millions of people but there are some. They see what you are doing and question it, which means….


You can open up someone’s mind who previously had no idea

Some people are utterly oblivious to things being bad for the planet or animals and just by you refusing a straw or napkin you may actually open their eyes to something they were previously blind to. I have seen me go out with my veg bags and strangers at the market stall admire them and ask where to get them. Hopefully, these people have now gone out and bought them, and the people who see them using them do the same in return. It may take a while, but everything has to start somewhere, so why not be that first person making the changes. As cheesy as it sounds, you can be the reason someone makes changes in their life.

Friends will start looking to you to help them or others

On a similar vein, since I have been all the above, people ask me about it. I am tagged on Facebook all the time by friends asking questions on cruelty free or vegan products. Often tagged in group threads where I do not know the original poster. This means I am influencing even beyond the group of people I know. I do not preach anything at anyone, but I can tell you right now, people are very interested in veganism, zero waste and being cruelty free. Sure, not everyone asking questions will take heed, but many do. And again the ripple effect starts, they tell their friends who tell their friends.


Less demand means less supply

When you choose not to buy a leather handbag, even as one single person you are lowering demand for those goods. When demand is lowered, things stop being made, even if it is just one thing. And you know who’s life that will massively effect, the dog that may have been stolen off the street and skinned alive to make an expensive leather hand bag. That dog may just stay with it’s loving family. The animals involved in all these industry’s are often forgotten, but you can bet your ass, just one person not buying a product, particularly a product of animal origin, will affect that one animals life.


It can be hard to make changes, but don’t think what you do will make no difference in the world, it will, so make the change!

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