This is the gift guide I have been most excited to put together. Honestly it doesn’t look too aesthetically pleasing, but it is all awesome. Whether you are buying for someone who has been zero waste for years, or someone who doesn’t really have any interest in zero wasting, I think they will be equally well received! With so much plastic currently polluting our seas this is a bit of a hot topic too, so now may be a great time to buy this type of gift for someone!


zero waste presents


Nut Milk Bag ¦ Buy it here for £9

Wooden Chopsticks & Spoon ¦ Buy it here for £3.50

Reusable, Washable Kitchen Towel ¦ Buy it here for £12

Linen Napkins ¦ Buy them here for £8.49

Fritz Teapot ¦ Buy it here for £22

Chilly’s Food Tub ¦ Buy it here for £20

Vegan Wax Wrap ¦ Buy them here for £13.75

Compost Converter ¦ Buy it here for £35

Nature Gulp Water Bottle ¦ Buy it here for £27

Nature Gulp Travel Mug ¦ Buy it here for £23

Re-useable batteries ¦ Buy them here starting at £6

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