By far my favourite posts to write and share for the year are my Christmas gift posts. Two reasons for this, first and most importantly, I get to show people brands or options which they may have never considered. If someone reading this gives a cruelty free or ethical gift to their friends then it works two fold. Not only are they spending their money with companies who don’t test on animals, but they are encouraging their friend they give the gift to to make this change too. The second reason I love it is that I seriously love buying gifts. I would honestly happily not receive a single present for the rest of my life if it meant that every gift I gave was loved by it’s recipient. So trawling the internet for these guides actually gives me so many ideas for myself!


Anyhoo, on to the post! Today is the first in my Christmas gift guides, women’s. There are different options to suit every budget and hopefully all different kinds of people. If you still don’t see something your loved ones will like, I will be putting up a new gift guide each day this week, so somewhere there will be something for them! Some of the websites I have taken them from have a few other options too, so go on and have a look…..


cruelty free christmas gifts


Sleeping Unicorn Bath Bomb ¦ Buy it here for £5.99

Glass Tea Infuser ¦ Buy it here for £15

Rapanui Plain Bamboo Top ¦ Buy it here for £14

Dr Botanicals Luxury Sparkling Skin Set ¦ Buy it here for £69

Chilly’s Avocado Bottle ¦ Buy it here for £25

Free People Boulevard Cross Body ¦ Buy it here for £24

Long Knit Scarf ¦ Buy it here for $64

Lucky Cloud Hydrating Body Gift Set ¦ Buy it here for £38

Spectrum Mermaid Dreams Brush Set ¦ Buy it here for £42

Matt & Nat Munich Backpack ¦ Buy it here for £125

Reek Damn Rebel Bitches ¦ Buy it here for £75

Corkcicle Tumbler ¦ Buy it here for £22

Nutri Ninja ¦ Buy it here for £249.99