While most people choose to get fit in January for some reason I always favour the year end. I like to be at my best for the Christmas season and feel as though I start the year as I mean to go on, rather than start a new training regime. Having said that, I am no angel and half the time do give up, but this year I am determined! I have also decided to tick another thing off my bucket list and run 10k on Christmas day. Not sure if we are mad but my sister and I have both agreed to get up and go on Christmas morning and hopefully some other family members will join too. Obviously as a reward for my dedication to this, I deserve some new workout clothes. Ethical & vegan workout clothes was not something I have had to look into before, but I was happy to find there are actually a fair few brands out there.


As anyone who keeps fit knows, each different form of exercise needs a different outfit. Having scoured the internet to find the best ethical and vegan options out there, I have created a look for the 4 main types of exercise. While the men who read this blog can obviously just go to the websites below, my intention is to do a mens work out clothes post in the near future too, so keep your eyes peeled!



ethical yoga clothing


I love the look of these harem pants from Asquith. For me, half my yoga class is spent pulling my trousers up for fear the person behind me catches more of my ass than they want to, so a nice thick waistband is perfect to stop this!


Asquith Harem Pants ¦ Buy them here for £65 ¦ Eko Lite Mat ¦ Buy it here for £49 ¦ Dharma Bums High Waisted Yoga Legging ¦ Buy them here for £55 ¦ Outdoor Voices Racerback Tank ¦ Buy it here for $55 ¦


ethical running clothing

The most important thing to me when running in Autumn and Winter is staying warm and this hoodie looks perfect with such long sleeves, I love a running top which will keep my hands cozy too.


Paramo Alize Windproof Jacket ¦ Buy it here for £85 ¦ Sundried Bristen Sports Bra ¦ Buy it here for £25 ¦ Dharma Bums DBX Compression Legging ¦ Buy them here for £45 ¦ Sundried Grand Tournalin Hoodie ¦ Buy it here for £80 ¦


ethical gym clothing

Personally I overheat big time in the gym so am definitely going to be buying this diamond tee from Dharma Bums, all that extra space to breathe at the back looks amazing, as does the length so again, I don’t flash my bum!


Sundried Piz Fora Triaing Vest ¦ Buy here for £35 ¦ Pink Punk Active Play Shorts ¦ Buy them here for $68 ¦ Pink Punk Active Glitz T Back Crop ¦ Buy it here for $55 ¦ Dharma Bums Bamboo Diamond Tee ¦ Buy it here for £28 ¦


With my new found love of hiking from doing the Three Peaks I decided to include some workout gear for those who would rather just get outdoors and hike rather than keep fit at the gym or running. Sadly it is more practical than looking good, but all these products look more than capable of the job!


Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Block ¦ Buy them here for $95 ¦ Paramo Torres Medio Jacket ¦ Buy it here for £190 ¦ Paramo Cambia Short Sleeved Tshirt ¦ Buy it here for £40 ¦ Patagonia Quandry PAnts ¦ Buy them here for £80


If you have any other suggestions for great ethical workout clothes let me know about them below, the more options the better!

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