When I went to LA, other than eating all the vegan food, the top priority was to find and try some Osea products. The brand first came to my attention while watching a YouTube video and not only did the products and ingredients look fab, as they are using glass bottles, Osea would also fit in with my zero waste efforts. It turns out Osea was available in a lot of shops but in West Hollywood I went to The Detox Market.


It is a fantastic shop, well laid out and full to the rafters of cruelty free products. What they also do, is have product focus events. Since signing up to the email it seems every other week they have a great brand event on which is fantastic. And as luck would have it, the day I was in, so was the Osea rep, what are the chances. She was really friendly and quick to offer me a demo of some of the products. I was actually heading home that afternoon so I didn’t have time for a mini facial, but instead she was happy to talk me through all the products and give me her expert advice. In the end I bought a Cleansing Milk, but also got a number of the products as testers, including a larger sized Sea Vitamin Boost (seriously could not believe my luck, it was clearly meant to be!).


Since coming home I have tried out a few of the products I was given and I am extremely impressed with them, reviews of each are below.


cruelty free skincare




Cleansing Milk

Honestly, it made my skin breakout when I first used it, but as I know my skin can be a nightmare I persevered and came out the other side extremely happy. My skin now has a great glow and is almost blemish free (as mentioned before I have terrible skin so 100% blemish free is not really something which happens for me). The cleansing milk is really gentle on my sensitive skin and keeps it beautifully soft. My only complaint with this product is the length of the nozzle to get it out. The pump doesn’t have much room so product can be hard to actually get on my hands to use. But that aside, this is a great product and I have incorporated it into my daily routine.


If you are looking for a natural face wash which is gentle on sensitive skin but also effective, this is hands down the best I have tried so far, I highly recommend you give it a go.


Sea Vitamin Boost

This is a bit of an extra for me. When I first got it, I didn’t really know how to use it. But obviously as skin gets older it needs extra moisture and this product does exactly that, it gives it a hydration boost. I give it a spray in the morning after having put on my make up and then later in the afternoon. While I am not really sure it has made my skin any better, I definitely like it and feel as though it is doing my skin good. I find it a hard thing to quantify! Regardless, I think after the bottle is finished I will be making a repurchase. It feels like a little bit of luxury for my face every day!




I can’t really write about each of these having only got a couple of uses of each, but wanted to at least give them a mention. I really liked the White Algae Mask, which really removed the oil from my skin. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but after both uses the next morning my skin was totally oil free when I woke, which is unheard of normally. This will definitely be added to my shopping basket! I have also used a number of the moisturisers. As I only used them each a couple of times, I cant really comment on them doing as they claim, but I will say I liked them all. The Atmosphere Protection Cream is another product I will be buying. The moisturiser is lightweight and easily absorbed. And as always for a product I like, didn’t irritate my skin at all.


If you have not tried Osea I recommend you do. I have loved the products I have tried and will certainly be making repeat purchases. Have you tried any of them? What did you think? I would love to know in the comments.

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