It feels like it has been forever, mostly because it has! But I am back and I have some new cruelty free brands for you to try. While I was in LA I visited a number of amazing shops who stocked shelf after shelf of cruelty free brands, giving me lots of companies to check. So over the coming months watch this space as I hope to bring you many more. But for today, back to the list……


Cruelty Free Brands

Acure Organics

BLAC Minerals Cosmetics

Chirp Body


Dr Bronner’s


Evolve Beauty

Figs & Rouge


Juice Beauty

Kaia Naturals

Lotus Moon Skin Care

Lucky Cloud Skincare

Luv + Co*

Maggie Anne

Meow Meow Tweet (100% vegan)


Noto Botanics (100% vegan)

PiperWai (100% vegan)


Plain Jane Beauty


Southern Comforts Fragrance

Tata Harper**


Waterless Limited


I am super excited to try some of the brands on the list today even more so than usual as most of them are small, independent companies. Reviews will be heading your way in the coming months! In the meantime, have you tried any of them? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

no plastic





*Many of LUV’s products are vegan including the Gel Eye Liner, Loose Foundations, Nail Polish, Vegan Lipsticks, Luvee Duvee Lip Crayons, Looser Pigments, Liquid Foundation. The LUV Ladies Lip Gloss is vegetarian not vegan due to the ingredient Beeswax.


** Tata Harper fully vegan product list is below

Revitalizing Body Oil

Regenerating Cleanser

Refreshing Cleanser

Elixir Vitae                               

Boosted Contouring Serum

Concentrated Brightening Serum

Restorative Eye Creme

Hydrating Floral Essence

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

Aromatherapy Stress Treatment

Aromatherapy Irritability Treatment

Aromatherapy Bedtime Treatment

Resurfacing Mask                               

Love Potion                               

Overnight Moisture Mask

Beautifying Face Oil

Purifying Cleanser                               

Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Clarifying Moisturizer

Clarifying Spot Treatment