Due to being a particularly lazy human being these past few weeks, I have watched a lot of Netflix. The thing about Netflix is it takes you down a “recommended because you watched *insert TV programme name here*” rabbit hole. My particular rabbit hole of late has been documentaries. There are so many fantastic documentaries on Netflix I thought it would be good to share some of the most interesting and thought provoking ones I have watched. Obvioulsy they are all to do with vegan, environmental and ethical issues. None are new, you may have even watched them before but I think everyone really does need to give them a watch! There are so many more, but I thought these three are a good start……..



When people talk about vegan or environmental documentaries Cowspiracy always comes up. It is a great insight to the meat industry and exactly what effect it is having on our planet. I do think some facts are manipulated to make the situation seem even worse, but nonetheless it is still relevant. Some of the information is really quite shocking and it will make you reconsider your eating habits. On a regular basis colleagues and friends tell me they have stopped eating meat because they have watched this.


Personally, Cowspiracy was particularly interesting as it exposes some of the best known organisations for protecting our plant for not giving the whole truth to people. I wont say more as you need to watch it for yourself, but it was extremely interesting to hear that perhaps even the charities I have considered amazing, are also manipulating us for profit!

The True Cost

This documentary really opened my eyes! I am not a fashion fan and to be honest don’t even buy clothes that often, so I guess I had never realised just how much of an issue fast fashion is. The documentary looks into how fashion is affecting the lives of people who are actually making our clothes. It does not however, cover the abuse of animals in the industry though, which also definitely takes place to allow products to be sold cheaper. Bear that in mind when watching it, as the true cost is actually so much more than just to humans!


If you need a push to stop you from buying from unethical clothing manufacturers, this is the documentary for you. The reality of the way our purchases are affecting other peoples lives is really quite shocking. I will never be buying from the high street again!


Forks Over Knives

This documentary explores the effect eating meat and dairy has on our health. Like Cowspiracy, I am not overly sure on how accurate the claims in this are, I feel a lot may again be exaggerated. (That is the case with everything though, it is easy to manipulate the stats to seem worse or better depending on your cause). Regardless, I found this to be interesting and learned quite a bit about how what we eat can relate to our health. A number of the links just seem too obvious to ignore!



I know I said three documentaries, but this one doesn’t count as I have actually never watched it so cant really recommend it as such! I have not watched it as I just don’t feel I need to see the suffering which I am well aware of taking place. However, if you eat meat, consume dairy or buy products tested on animals, this is the reality of where your products come from. Give it a watch and let me know what you think!


Hopefully this list will give you a couple of things to watch now the nights are getting darker! Let me know what you think or if watching any of them has changed your opinions.

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