Berlin is one of my favourite cities in Europe.  I am not sure what it is about it, but there is a sort of laid back vibe to it that just draws me in.  Having been to the city a few times I totally recommend all the below but rather than it being a full on guide (which obviously a local could do better) this is more a what I did and enjoyed post…..



Where to stay

On my most recent trip I stayed in the Hotel Palace and would highly recommend it.  The Hotel is in a great location, is very reasonably priced and the rooms and staff are great. I have stayed in a couple of other hotels, but always in this area. I think so long as you read a few reviews to ensure the hotel is ok, you can’t go wrong in this part of town.


But back to the Hotel Palace, we got an upgrade on arrival and the suite we got was huge. It had a large seating area and then a bathroom with a separate shower and bath. The pool was great too, it was quiet and the perfect size for doing some lengths in the morning. One thing to note is in Germany the law is that all Spas (sauna, steam room etc) must be paid for separately so no matter where you stay this will always be an extra charge. The communal areas in the hotel were also great, although we had the worlds most expensive drinks in the Gin Bar. While it is a nice little bar, with lots of red velvet making it have a bit of a 30’s feel, it really isn’t worth the cost if you are on a budget!



What to do

This is not for everyone, but my favourite bit of a trip to Berlin is always a trip to the Hertha Berlin ground for the football.  It is unlike any other football experience I have had.  Be sure to get there early as there is a great atmoshphere both before and during the game.  The area outside has stands for beer and food (although sadly not really vegan food!!) which means hundreds of people congregate before the game for a drink and some banter.  The stadium itself is great to see as well, it reminds me of the Colloseum, nothing like any other football stadium I have visited!




Football aside, my other fave place to visit is the Tiergarten.  I love having a wander around this big park and stopping for a drink in the Schleusenkrug Beer Garden (you will get to it from the Tiergarten entrance at the Zoo end).  You can get a seat overlooking the canal or looking out at the walkers in the park, either way it is a great place for people watching.


Another fantastic place to visit is the Topography of Terror Museum. It is located on top of the site of the headquarters for the Gestapo and SS during the Nazi regime.  It has so much information and is the prefect way to pass the morning learning more about the history of Germany and actually, Europe in general.  The exhibits are both indoors and outdoors which means you can either pass the time outside in the sun, or hide inside from the rain (there was sun and snow when we visited!!).  I very highly recommend this piece of history, it is hard to read but so interesting.



Obviously there is also the Belin Wall either at Check Point Charlie or at the East Side Gallery. I actually recommend both as they are very different experiences. However, if you are a bit nervous in places you don’t know I recommend getting the U-Bhan to the East Side Gallery as the walk to it is long and often pretty deserted.


I am sure there are many other places to visit, but these are my top 4.  Otherwise I just enjoy having a wander around, taking everything in. It is not like many of the other cities in Europe as so much of it is quite new, it feels more comparable to New York than any other European City.



Where to eat

I wrote a whole post on my fave restaurants in Berlin.  Berlin is very vegan friendly, but it is not simple to find a vegan meal, I recommend you look in advance at where you want to go and then you don’t need to trawl the streets trying to find somewhere (I was niaeve enough to think there was a big huge vegan neon sign on each corner, there isn’t haha!).



Lily Burger was my favourite, a haven for both meat and vegan burgers and steaks, the food was absolutely amazing but it was no doubt very unhealthy! Just remember portion sizes are huge so less is more here, although I highly recommend the vegan mozzarella sticks for breakfast the next day haha!



Dolores is the prefect place for a cheap and relatively fast meal. The burritos are unlike anything I have tried before with different sauces and toppings to the norm, the peanut salsa was my fave. Again, huge portion sizes, but they were so worth the food hangover!



Kuchi Kant, served up some fantastic fresh, healthy meals.  The sushi is some of the best I have ever eaten.  Just what you need after a few days of eating heavy vegan junk food!  This place is super busy though, so be sure to get there early, or book!