Just a quickie today!  The sun shining has me right back into my eating and drinking healthily routine so over the last few days my juicer and smoothie maker have made an appearance.  I got out the recipe book and made this juice again for the first time in years, literally!!!  This is again an old recipe, for a long time it was my absolute fave to mix with vodka.  Although it is utterly amazing as is and is the perfect morning drink to get you going.


orange juice


How do you make it, well it is super simple take six to eight juicing oranges, two lemons and one lime and juice them on a citrus juicer (I got a super cheap one years ago in Woolworths, yup that long ago, and it is still going strong!).   Et voila, the perfect orange/citrus juice!  It has just the perfect balance of sweet and sour.



6-8 x oranges

2 x lemon

1 x lime



Juice using a citrus juicer. Makes one large glass or two small glasses!



It was just a short one, but I had to share this with you as I just love it!  Enjoy!!