For 3 months now I have been washing my clothes with nuts, true story!!  My cruelty free journey has really taken me down a bit of a rabbit hole ending up cruelty free, vegan and now aiming for zero waste, but never in a million years did I think that would mean me washing my clothes with nuts haha!!  But here we are and honestly it is a pretty good place.  Soap nuts are an awesome alternative to regular washing powder.  To me you cant get more cruelty free or eco.



So what are Soap Nuts, well they are exactly that, nuts!  They naturally contain soap making them awesome for washing clothes. And as they are so natural they are really mild so perfect for people with skin conditions or for baby clothes.  When you buy soap nuts you can either get a starter kit, or just the nuts themselves.  I went for the kit, but honestly you just need the nuts and the bag to put them in.  A 1kg sack of soap nuts will last forever!


To use, you simply put 5 of the nuts in the bag provided (if you buy the starter kit!) and then put 15-30 drops of your favourite essential oil on the outside of the bag.  We went through many different fragrances until we found the one we liked, we think either lime or grapefruit smells the best.  So while I say favourite essential oil, it may be you end up with something different altogether!  If preffered you can also use no oil, but for me when I was so used to strong smelling fragrances from my usual washing powder and fabric conditioner, I needed the oil!


Those 5 little nuts in their bag are then thrown into the drum of the washing machine.  Use the machine as normal and that is you, washing your clothes with nuts!  The nuts are good to be used 5 times as well so those 5 nuts do 5 washes and the bag has hundereds of them in there!


My washing has come out just as clean as before.  The only difference now is I do have to use stain remover more than previously.  Most stains on clothing require stain remover, but this comes in the kit as well as a solid bar so you have everything.


So anyone looking for some new washing powder, give them a go!!