Full disclosure, this post was meant to be up on Saturday, National Fish & Chips Day!  But obviously I forgot, so here we go, four days late, but no one really noticed did they…….


As it is national fish and chips day I had to share my recipe for awesome Tofu “Fish” & Chips.  For years I have been trying to make the perfect veggie “fish” but have never quite created a recipe I was happy to share, until now!  This is by no means a healthy version though, it is still fried, but it is a hell of a lot healthier than what you would get from the chippy.  It is very easy to make and once you prep the tofu it is quick too.  In my house we always make our chips from scratch, but this is more of a luxury version (ie it takes more washing up as it needs mixed in a bowl!)  and the tofu is made with a beer batter and a sheet of nori to give it a taste of the sea.  To me it is the perfect fake-away any day of the week!


vegan fish and chips tofu fish



For the Chips

4 x potatoes (cut into strips)

1 x tbsp flour

1 x tbsp oil (I use olive oil)

1 x tsp oregano

1 x tsp basil

For the “Fish”

1 x block tofu

1 x cup flour

1 x tsp baking soda

1 x tsp piri piri salt

1.25 x cup vegan beer (I used Innes & Gunn)



First you want to prep the tofu. To do this slice it into 8 pieces and then gently fold them into a clean tea towel.  Then stack everything you own on top, I use a chopping board with a pile of plates and my huge pestle and mortar on top.  This will get all the moisture out of the tofu to make it cook better.  Leave this for as long as you can, but a minimum of 30 minutes.

While the tofu preps put the all the ingredients for the chips (potatoes, flour, oil, oregano and basil) in a bowl and mix them all together until all the chips are coated.  Put them in the oven at 180 – 200 degrees for 45 minutes.

Then make your batter by mixing together the flour, beer, baking soda and piri piri salt

Chop a piece of nori the size of each piece of tofu and place it on top and then coat the tofu and nori in some plain flour, then dredge the tofu in the batter.

Heat enough oil to cover about 2 cms of the bottom of a pan.

Once it is hot place the coated tofu in.  Turn over after about 3-4 minutes.

When the batter of the tofu is golden  on both sides (about 3 mins each side) remove from the oil and place it on a tea towel to drain some of the excess oil.

Repeat this until all the tofu is cooked.

Serve up immediately with the chips, a good glug of vinegar and a squeeze of lemon.  If you want you can add some mushy peas, but I am not a fan so no vegetables it is!


Even Paul said this fish and chips was good and he eats real fish so this really is a fantastic vegan alternative!  If you give it a try let me know how it goes!