I turned 33 this year and for some reason it just gave me super itchy feet.  The need to travel and do and see has become even more important to me.  So I decided I would create my list of 40 things I really want to do before I am 40.  It is a long way off and it is by no means me being super old, but I just feel the things I really, really want to do, finally have to become a priority.  I guess it is also a little kick in the butt to do the things I always say I will do but don’t, whether it be fear, laziness or just from constantly making excuses!  So yeah, I wrote the list……


After writing it I thought it may be something other people would like to read.  It has nothing much to do with what I normally blog, but I hope you enjoy it, and maybe it inspires you do your own!


vegan italy



  1. Walk the Inca Trail
  2. Visit all 7 continents
  3. Go to Easter Island
  4. Drive Route 66
  5. Visit the Rockies
  6. Go on the Oriental Express
  7. Go see some polar bears
  8. Travel in Asia
  9. Stay in a beach hut
  10. Spend a weekend alone in another city
  11. Go to the jungle
  12. Visit the Mayan ruins
  13. Visit India
  14. Spend a week on an island doing nothing!
  15. Visit every country in Europe


Things to Learn

  1. Become fluent(ish) in Italian
  2. Then re-learn French
  3. Run a 10k
  4. Learn to chill out
  5. Learn how to use my camera properly
  6. Write a cook book (random but something I have always wanted to do!!)
  7. Make a memories quilt
  8. Make my own skincare
  9. Learn how to make my own clothes
  10. Make my own cleaning products
  11. Paint something


vegan scotland


In Scotland

  1. Climb a Munroe
  2. Visit every Castle in Scotland
  3. Wild camp with my husband and puppies
  4. Swim in the Fairy Pools
  5. Walk the West Highland Way
  6. Go to the Outer Hebridies
  7. Go to Up Helly Aa


For my Soul

  1. Go on a health retreat of some sort
  2. Volunteer in an animal sanctuary abroad, even if just for a week or two
  3. Be able to do a pull up
  4. Do something for someone I don’t know (I stole this from someone else, but it’s just such a nice thing to do!)
  5. Skinnydip – very much a cliché, but I really want to have the balls to do it!
  6. Yoga
  7. Volunteer


I already feel like I have accomplished something by just putting this out there, and I have a few things in the pipeline already to get some of these ticked off, it really feels quite liberating haha!


Let me know what you think, or what is on your list.  Better yet, if you blog and have your own, link me to it, I would love to read!