We all know that Berlin is like vegan heaven so obviously I was super excited to be heading there on my holiday to not only see the city but also eat all the food.  It didn’t disappoint, but I think I was a little bit nieve.  Sure it is a vegan friendly city, but eating vegan in Berlin is still not simple.  In the city centre and the main tourist areas you don’t actually stumble accross that many vegan friendly places. They are there, don’t get me wrong, but you need to know where they are!  Most of the vegan areas are outwith the immediate city too so if you don’t plan where you want to go you could miss them!  I normally always do, but for Berlin I just thought every other street would have a big vegan sign, they really don’t!  I could have most definitely made do in every restaurant, probably a little easier than in the UK.  But if you are in Berlin, don’t make do, they have so much vegan food on offer it is not worth it.  Plan ahead and chose where you want to eat for the best experience!


Despite this, I did have an awesome time in Berlin and had some amazing food.  For us the best bit is Berlin has so many places which do fantastic food for both vegans and omnis.  The vegan options are not just a side thought, they are just as important as the meat options.  This is something you pretty much never get in the UK.  We managed to go a fair few places but even when you plan ahead rememeber on a Sunday most things are closed.  We missed the vegan bakery and supermarkets for this reason.


Obviously, I am no expert, but below is my guide of the best food I ate while I was in Berlin.  It really was awesome and I can’t wait to go back!  And sorry for some of these photos, all done on my dodgy phone as I didn’t want to take my proper camera!


vegan burger berlin


Lily Burger

The business card says two things, Beef and Vegan. This was the perfect choice for Paul and I after he had willingly eaten vegan for a couple of days.  For this reason though, a lot of vegans are not fans.  Personally I loved it.  The restaurant has a big outdoor area if the weather is nice but we were seated indoors where it is undeniable loud and tables are snug.  But I liked it and the staff were super nice, if a little quirky!


The menu consists of steak and burgers with the vegan menu mirroring the options on the meat one.  There is also a substantially large list of side options and starters too.  But try not to get too carried away, I love food and eat more than the average bear but the portion sizes here killed me! We just bought a burger each and a portion of curly fries and mozzarella sticks to share but didn’t even remotely finish them!  I went for the Indiana Jones vegan burger which had vegan cheese, onion rings, bacon and BBQ sauce.


vegan in berlin


The burger was huge and so incredibly good.  Everything on it was just exactly what I wanted it to be!  The mozzarella sticks were also awesome, I actually took three home and had them for breakfast the next day as I couldn’t finish them haha!!! Unlike normal mozzarella sticks they were not breaded, they had a proper batter and were deep fried.  I have no idea what cheese was used, but they were really good!  The curly fries were just curly fries though, with so much else on offer, I would skip them!


To me this was a great place and if I ever go back to Berlin one I will most defintly not be missing, why cant I get such good burgers in the UK.  The food here was right up there with how much I enjoyed Champs Diner in Brooklyn.


vegan in berlin



When we landed we tried to go to a nice restaurant near the hotel, but it was only open for dinner so we ended up getting a sandwhich from here after stumbling upon it. I had the BBQ Seitan sandwhich (although I am not sure what specifically it was called!).  Being adventurous as I was in a new country I ordered it as was, without saying no sauce or pickles. And you know what, so glad I did.  The taste of all the individual pieces added together was perfect. They don’t do much but what they do, they do well! Visit them for a quick eat if you are near the Ku-Dam.



vegan in Berlin



What a find this was. Again another omni place but the vegan options were another level.  It is a fast food joint, but the food seemed really healthy and was super fresh.  There are ready made vegan options on the menu, or you can create your own.  In fact, most options seemed vegan to me. You could certainly go crazy with the menu, there are a fair amount of options (although all burrito based!) but I chose to go for a premade option, a Vegan Lover as it sounded different to what I have had before.  It comes with soy meat, beans, rice, veggies and a smokey peanut salsa which was AMAZING!


Again the porion sizes are crazy, the burrito was pretty much the size of my head, but only cost €7. We stupidly ordered a side of cornchips too, but they were worth it.  We got loads of different salsas and guacamole to go with. The best was def the smokey peanut salsa though. I need to find out how to make my own! The soy was unlike anything I have had before too.  It was a bit tougher than what I have had before, but in a good way. It is hard to explain, but to look at it kind of reminded me of the sticky chilli beef or chicken you get in the Chinese. Whatever it was it tasted amazing.


Although there are probs a million more sophisticated options in Berlin I highly recommend going to Dolores for a cheap, quick lunch or dinner. I could have eaten here every day happily!


vegan cafes in berlin


Café Neundrei

Vegan cake! And lots of it!  I had a mandarin cake and it was yummy. The cake was one of the best I have ever eaten.  It was nice and light and not too sweet. The coffee and smoothies were fantastic too.  When we were leaving I noticed the big fridge had some good looking pasta salads too. But annoyingly we had just spent an hour trying to find somewhere vegan and ate two blocks over from here (a pizza with no cheese!).


We went a lot of other places but these were my faves and I would definatley recommend you give them a go while you are in Berlin. If you know of better places, let me know for my next trip!!