Perfume is sadly something which is almost always tested on animals.  As far as I have found most companies use the same people to make their scents and so all test on animals.  There are however loads of brands out there who do not test on animals, you just have to know where to find them.  Writing this I have found it pretty hard to put each perfume into a category, but have tried my best for you.  My views on perfume are a bit like my views on wine, I like it or I don’t, I don’t much smell the different components or know what makes a perfume floral or woody or fruity but I have tried my best to make it easy for you to decide what you like!

vegan perfume


Light & Girlie

Fairy Pants – Apple Crumble

Pacifica – Brazilian Mango Grapefruit

Eden Perfumes – No 309 Daisy




cruelty free perfume

For Going Out

Reek – Damn Rebel Bitches

Eden Perfumes – No 12 Bossy Woman

Illasmasqua – Freak


vegan perfume


Eden Perfumes – No 39 Eternity

Lush – Death & Decay

Pacifica – Tunisian Jasmine Lime




Eden Perfumes – No 307 Jimmy

Fairy Pants – Peach Melba

Pacifica – Hawaiian Ruby Guava