I subscribe to a monthly box called the Honey Pop Club, it is a great little box which is all vegan and cruelty free and has a bit of an edge to it with awesome prints, patches and pins too.  There is also always a beauty/skincare product in it and last month it was the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette.  At first I was thinking what the hell is this and regardless, the colour is totally wrong for my skin (being practically blue I am so white) but then I googled it and have been pretty excited with it ever since.


It turns out the Gel Sculpt is a contouring gel.  For a couple of years now I have envied all those people on the internet with their perfectly contoured faces, but never wanted to actually do it myself.  Two reasons for this; one, I have no idea what I am doing, the other, while it looks great in a photo I just feel it often looks a bit much in real life.  As a result I have never tried anything of the sort, and honestly probably never would have.  But as this was bought and paid for I was obviously going to give it a try and I am so glad I did.


Cruelty free contouring


The Gel Sculpt can be added to the temples, cheeks or jawline to give your face more definition.  It comes in a twist up tube and is a solid gel, almost like a dewy lipstick.  It should be applied after foundation, but before any setting powder.  To apply I have been rubbing a small amount of the gel onto the bone up to my thumb in the palm of my hand (which is surprisingly difficult to explain, but I hope you understand where I mean!!).  This is then rubbed against the same bone on my other hand.  I then gently press the gel to the skin on the hollow of my cheeks.


In general I repeat this 2-3 times to give me the perfect definition.  (After use remember to put the little bit plastic back on after using to keep it moist!)  I am sure you could just put on loads to your hand to apply from the first go, but to me this leaves my face a bit too make-upy.  Likewise, you could also just apply it directly to your face without using your hands, but again it would be a bit much for me, I like to build it up.  Once I have the amount I would like for definition I gently blend it in by rolling it out with my make up sponge.  I try not to use too much pressure or to rub as this will just wipe it away.  A gentle roll over with the sponge seems to blend it in just perfectly.


If you want you can also apply it on the temples in the exact same way to give some extra definition there.  For me this is more of a going out look though, for generally daily wear I just do my cheeks.  And speaking of going out, all I do to get more from the product is apply more.  It is so versatile that it can be applied to be very light for daywear or simply a few extra layers can be applied for a more dramatic look in the evening.  Two looks all in one little tube!  To me this makes it even more appealing.  As someone who is not great at applying makeup, there is nothing worse than being too much.  Too little can be solved, but too much is just too much and you have to start again!  Very frustrating!


So yes this is kind of perfect for those who are novices as well as the experts amongst us!  For me, the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt is the prefect contouring gel!  It is easy to apply and subtle but has impact which makes it pretty fool proof.  My attitude to contouring has completely changed and I now use this every day.  The best thing is I don’t feel like I need to go out there and find out any more about contouring or use other products as this is enough.  I am a 100% happy customer!  This will definitely be bought again.


Has anyone else tried it?  What did you think?  Got any other tips on how to use it?