Writing this post I was totally amazed to see how many great ethical and vegan (friendly) mens fashion brands there are out there.  I have tried to give a wide range of companies and prices so hopefully it gives you an idea of where to look.  To try and mix things up a bit, I have given three different styles too.  One work clothes, some more casual weekend options and finally something for on your holidays.  I apologise for in advance for all the black and grey, but for those of you who like colour, just use the links to find more options!!!


vegan mens work clothes



It took me a while to find good shirts brands, but finally I managed to find a couple, one more expensive and one cheaper so hopefully something for everyone.  I also really loved the non silk ties!


Will’s Slim Soles ¦ Buy them here for £80 ¦ Komodo Organic Cotton Trousers ¦  Buy them here for £70 ¦ Knowledge Cotton Apparel Gots Shirt ¦ Buy it here for €79.95 ¦ Visible Clothing Farringdon Slim Shirt ¦ Buy it here for £39.99 ¦ Jaan J Tie ¦ Buy it here for $39.50 ¦ Matt & Nat Tom Bag ¦ Buy it here for £150



vegan mens clothes


Although I am not a huge fan of wearing slogan tees I really like them on men and Heartcure had loads of really nice options, give them a look.


Plant Faced Soulless Pocket T Shirt ¦ Buy it here for £23  ¦Heartcure Be Their Voice T Shirt¦ Buy it here for £20 ¦ Save the Duck Jacket ¦ Buy it here for €150 ¦ Howies Regular Fit Organic Jeans ¦ Buy them here for £75 ¦ Toms Paseo Sneakers ¦ Buy them here for £25 ¦Knowledge Cotton Apparel Hoodie ¦ Buy it here for €94.95


vegan mens fashion

These shorts are expensive, but they give you 25% off if you send back an old pair to be recycled!


Riz XYMC Braunton Shorts ¦ Buy them here for £100 ¦ Knowledge Cotton Apparel Stretch Chino Shorts ¦ Buy them here for €79.95 ¦ Plant Faced Plant Life T Shirt¦ Buy them here for £23 ¦ Toms Valdez Sneakers ¦ Buy them here for £27.50 ¦ Juan is Dead T Shirt ¦ Buy it here for £22