This is one area where I have found going cruelty free super easy.  There are so many options out there for products to use which are vegan, zero waste and cruelty free for household chores, way more brands than I am listing below.  Also worth remembering is that the Co-operative and Tesco own brands are all cruelty free, so you can buy anything from there with no worries.  There are obviously also way more products than this needed in a household so if you want to know about any specific products please just ask in the comments below!




Washing Powder

Swap: Persil Non Bio

For: Soap Nuts

Buy: Online


Fabric Conditioner

Swap: Comfort

For: Nothing – we have stopped using it and are finding no difference really.  The only product I would use fabric conditioner for would be towels, which are apparently not meant to have fabric conditioner at all, so there you go!

Buy: If you really want fabric conditioner, try the bio D one


Toilet Cleaner

Swap: Harpic

For: EcoLeaf Toilet Cleaner

Buy: Online


Multi Surface Spray

Swap: Mr Muscle Multi Surface Cleaner

For: humblestuff Multi Surface Spray

Buy: Online


Washing Up Liquid

Swap: Fairy

For: Faith in Nature Washing Up Liquid

For:  Online or local health food shops


Dishwasher Tablets

Swap: Finish Powerball

For: Ecover Dishwasher Tablets

Buy: Most supermarkets