Human + Kind is a brand which I first heard of through my Vegan Kind box.  They are a relatively small company based in Cork in Ireland.  Their philosophy is to be more than just a brand selling products.  They source from ethical suppliers, don’t use nasties in their products and of course, never test on animals.  They make a range of skincare products of which I have tried a hand cream and a body scrub.


First off, I love the packaging of these products.  They are all brightly coloured with nice designs, so before opening it you already feel good about using the product.  The next thing I love is the smell, both I have tried have smelled good enough to eat!  The Hand + Elbow + Foot Cream smells like Christmas, it is amazing!



Hand + Elbow + Foot Cream

This is definitely my favourite cruelty free hand cream.  As I just said the smell is just amazing.  The cream is quite thin so is very easily absorbed into the skin with none of the usual stickiness a lot of hand creams tend to leave.  I tend not to have much dry skin, but when I have over the past year this has been fantastic at sorting it out after a day or two.  It is a great little addition to any handbag as it is in a small tube too.  And as always, it has not caused my skin to react in any way which is one of the most important things with my stupidly sensitive skin.


Body Scrub

Again the smell of this is amazing, it is perfect for in the shower in the morning.  I will not lie, I do have body scrubs I prefer (I am talking about you, You Dirty Scrub), but this is a great every day body scrub.  It is not harsh on the skin at all whilst still giving gentle exfoliation.  Having used it for a couple of weeks my skin was certainly smoother and softer and I would buy this product again.


I feel like that was the worlds shortest review, but basically my first products from Human + Kind have been really good so I look forward to trying more.  Have you tried them?  What did you think?