One of the first things I chose to change when I started looking at my waste was to get a Mooncup.  For those who have no idea what I am talking about it is a reusable cup which is used in place of a tampon.  The existence of menstral cups was first brought to my attention when I played roller derby years ago, but I never actually looked into getting one.  In all honesty, I thought it was a bit icky.  Admiting this now seems ridiculous, and makes me feel a bit un feminist as periods are nothing of the sort, but hey ho, I felt that way and never bought one.  That is until December when I was planning for using less waste.


mooncup tips


There are a number of cups available, but I decided to go with the one I had previously heard of, the Mooncup.  It can actually be bought from Boots but I bought mine online.  There are two sizes, one for those who are under 30 and not had children, and one for those over thirty or who have had children (at any age).  It comes with a little bag to put it in when not being used too.


I am now 3 months into using the Mooncup and have to say I would never look back.  Once you get over the fear of leaking, which is all in your head, it is fine.  The cup is easy to use, easy to clean and most importantly works.  For the first two months it was all a bit hit or miss, but the last month was totally pain free.  Having researched all the tips and tricks online (which I have put together below) I had no issues at all.  There are loads of different cups out there, but for me the Mooncup has been perfect.  It fits well and is of a high quality.  I don’t really have much to say other than I would (and have) recommend this product.


Obviously as I have it in the title and mentioned above, as well as the review I wanted to give some tips that I have found really useful.  This information is online, but it took me so long to find and in so many different forums I have put it all together in one place!  Hope it helps!


Put it in in the shower

I struggled to get my Mooncup in the best position when I first started using it and this resulted in having some leakage, which is not what you want!  I looked everywhere online to find the best way to stop this leakage and one tip was to try inserting the cup in the shower.  What a difference it made, whether it is muscles being relaxed, or just the lack of pressure as you are in the shower, this worked 100%.


Get the seal right

To get a good seal, you need suction.  As you obviously cant always insert the cup in the shower another tip I found very helpful is to insert it and then run my finger around the cup to ensure it is fully open and then do some pelvic floors.  This pushes the cup into the perfect position and makes the seal.  Another note here is there are tiny holes in the rim at the top of the cup, make sure these are clean every time you insert the cup as they help with the seal.


What if it rides too high

I was genuinely worried about the damage the cup could do to me from riding too high as all the literature states it needs to be inserted as low as possible.  Mine goes in and is so high it is ridiculous, no matter how hard I try to pull it down!  Don’t worry though, everyones body is different, just have it as low as your body will allow.  If it will not allow it to sit low, or as one forum user described, her uterus was trying to swallow it whole, don’t worry (well actually, do worry if that actually happened, but you get the point!).  So long as you are not leaking it is fine!  A possible solution is to cut the stem, this should naturally make it sit lower.


When you cant get it out

Don’t panic!!!!  This makes it even harder.  Just relax as best you can and keep trying to get a good hold to remove it.  I promise, you will get it out!  If the absolute worst comes to the worst, try taking a shower again, but honestly it all comes down to relaxing.


I would urge anyone who doesn’t already use it to make the change, you wont regret it!  Has anyone got any other tips?