Last time I went to Disney World in Florida I was veggie and found it very hard to eat.  Even the supermarkets in Florida seem to have a huge fondness of all things frozen and microwaveable and a fear of all things veg.  But, fear not if you have a holiday planned as it turns out Disney is a lot more veggie friendly these days and actually even vegan friendly!  I am not going to lie, I had a few let down meals but all in all it was pretty good.  We stayed very close to Disney Springs so all of our meals were within the Disney estate which, by the way, is huge!!!  There are so many different types of restaurants and places to eat there these days, much better than previously.  The parks are more vegan friendly too, very positive!  As I am sure some of you will be off to Disney this year I thought some people may appreciate a round up of the best vegan options on offer at Disney.


Before the list starts I must apologise for the total lack of pictures of the food but I made the decision not to take my camera to Disney and to not have my phone with me for the majority of the time.  Actually, the only pictures I have are from the park photographers themselves so lots of photos of me and my hubby instead! (The professional photographers are a whole other thing, if you buy tickets be sure to get get the magic maker, it should be free when buying tickets from the UK, this lets you get pictures taken by any official photographer or on any ride right to the Disney app on your phone so you can keep all the professional photos!).


vega food at walt disney world


Vegan Snacks

Dole whips are vegan and are really, really good!  They are a frozen pineapple flavour treat, kind of like ice cream.  Perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Mickey Pretzels are all vegan too, this is a great one to know as sometimes when you are trying to find something you can eat this is a nice quick and easy option.

Fruit!  Lots of places do small containers of fruit, I found them all to be really nice and fresh too!


Magic Kingdom

Pecos Bills

This is actually a fast food place but the fab thing is when you order vegan you get yours freshly made!  I ordered a vegan taco and you then get to add all the condiments for yourself.  There is a “toppings” area where you can add guacamole, salsa, pico de galllo, essentially everything you could possibly want with your taco!  I think the best thing here was once you get your “allergen” meal the chef comes out and asks if you need any more advice on what you can eat and if you want will take you to the toppings table and talk you through it.  My food was really yummy!  This was one of my better meals in Disney, the only slight downside is if you have an omni with you they may not be all that keen to go back again as their options are the pretty average fast food kind!


vegan food at disney


Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre

I was so super excited to see this palce had a vegan option.  It even has vegan milkshakes!  I am a sucker for American 50s style diners (although the best ever is Champs Dner in New York!) and so a drive in theatre theme was just enough to make me die of happiness.  The restaurant is super cool.  You sit in little cars and the screen plays seriously dodgy old sci-fi films (which is AMAZING!!!).  I had a milkshake (obviously!), onion rings to start and then asked for the Vegan Burger.  The first issue was my shake took forever to come, far longer than Paul’s, I probably waited about 25 mins in total.  Not really great for a drink!  He only waited 5 mins.  Then we got the onion rings and they were really greasy, we didn’t even finish them.  Finally my main came and it was just really boring.  Linda McCartney burgers are so much nicer!  However, the worst bit was feeling like I was dying of thirst for the rest of the day as a result of the greasy, salty food!  If I was you I would just stick my head in to have a look at the theatre, if you are intrigued, then head to the 50’s Prime Time Café instead, I didn’t try it but it cant be worse!!  So sadly in the end this place really disappointed.


vegan food at disney



This is by far the best place to eat when you are in Disney.  Unlike most other places the food is not just deep fried!!!  Which is pretty amazing after days on end of eating chips!  If you are unfamiliar with Epcot, it has a section called the World Showcase, which has a section in it to represent 11 different countries.  All of which serve authentic cuisine.  We only actually ate in two of the areas, China and Morocco.  The other areas do not look like they would be great to eat in if you were vegan.  Although, I would think in the miniature Italy you would be fine getting pizza or pasta as they tend to be vegan friendly (although it does require asking for a pizza with no cheese!).  The Canadian restaurant also had some good options, but you needed to have booked a table so we didn’t get to try, maybe next time!

Spice Round Table

This was my favourite meal (in Morocco) where we ate while we watched the fireworks, although not intentionally!!  The whole experience was, dare I say it, magical!  The restaurant was a really nice little place on the edge of the water, so perfect for fireworks.  The waiters were all brilliant, which is a given in Disney, but these guys actually knew what they were talking about.  They knew exactly what I could and could not eat and really took my questions on board, which is always such a relief.  When we dined here, I ate so much food I practically had to be rolled out, specifically I had Hummus and Olives and the Mediteranian Vegetable Platter.  Both were so good.  My hands down fave was the cous cous salad, it was really tasty.  Also be sure to have some of the cocktails, they were fab!


Nine Dragons Restaurant

I ordered vegetable spring rolls and vegetable and tofu stir fry.  Honestly, I have had better but this was a really nice break from the norm.  A plate of vegetables was just what I needed and this stir fry was packed with them!  The real problem for me is I tend to eat quite spicy food, so this lacked my normal “spicy” preference, but just with some chilli flakes this would have been lovely.  Maybe I should start carrying them in handbag haha!!  Regardless, I would recommend having a meal here as it was fresh and something a bit different!


vegan food in disney


Disney Springs

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Sadly this place was rubbish!  It was really expensive, $4.50 for a very small cupcake, and all of the cakes were super dry.  Before I went vegan this is what I imagined vegan food to be like, massively sacrificing taste for it to be dairy free (which is obviously totally wrong!!).  I went back three times thinking it was maybe just the things I tried or them being on the end of their date line (although really things in a bakery should only ever be fresh that day!) but having had a brownie, 2 different cupcakes, a cinnamon bun and a doughnut I can safely say they all tasted stale.  Really disappointing.  The one positive, my husband ordered the fresh lemonade one day which was yummy.


House of Blues Restaurant and Bar

I really liked the atmosphere in this place it was buzzing and was the first bar I went to which feels a bit more like a bar in the UK, which is sometimes nice when you are on holiday!  There was only one option on the menu which was vegan and that was the Grilled Vegetable Bouquet.  Honestly it was a bit dull.  It was just some fresh veg in soy sauce.  But again the reason I quite liked it though was it was vegetables, which after a few days of eating too many Mickey Pretzels and chips was just what I needed.  So rather than saying you must go here, I would recommend you go if you just want to eat some veg!!


Wolfgang Puck Grand Café

We went here on our first night in Disney after a very long, very tiring day at the park.  It had a nice atmosphere and food which wasn’t fussy.  There is actually not anything “vegan” on the menu but the staff were happy to make me a vegan pizza.  In the end I had a really tasty pizza with mushrooms and olives with no cheese of course.  It did not set the world on fire, but it was good.  It filled me up and I really enjoyed it.  While it may not be my first choice I would definitely recommend you come here for one of you meals!


Bongos Cuban Cafe

This was one of the best meals I ate.  I had a veggie stew which was full of vegetables and was the perfect blend of spices.  How authentic it was I do not know as I have never eaten Cuban food before but it was different and very tasty!!  It was fresh and well made, what more can you ask for!!  It would have been easy for me to go back here each night!  You must visit here if you are in Disney Springs.


After writing this I want to get back on the plane to Disney again.  It was such a brilliant holiday and I was nicely surprised by just how vegan friendly it is.  Have you been?  Have you got any other recommendations?