I am not a fashion blog, but I am constantly in awe of all those fashion bloggers out there who look amazing every minute of every day!  For the most part I am a bit of a scruff.  I tend to wear boots, jeans and a top pretty much all the time.  So yeah, I am not a fashion blog, and probs never will be!  Having said that, I do have know where to buy ethical, vegan fashion.  As a bit of a one off (or who knows it may be more regular) I decided to put together some outfit posts on the blog today to give you an idea of the type of ethical clothes you can buy and more importantly where to get them!  So below are 4 ethical, vegan outfits for 4 different occasions.


vegan wedding outfit

I stuggled to pull together some wedding outfits, mainly as  I am not very girlie even when it comes to weddings!  So this is almost a split personality couple of outfits, one quite formal, the other a bit more cute and casual.  I totally love the slip dress, it looks amazing teamed with the right accessories!

Made Necklace ¦ Buy here for £28 ¦ Melissa Shoes Lady Dragon Bow ¦ Buy here for £160 ¦ H&M Patterned Dress ¦ Buy here for £29.99 ¦ Free People French Courtship Slip ¦ Buy here for £88 ¦ La Bante Joel Clutch Bag ¦ Buy here from £45 ¦ La Bante Royale Rose Gold Clutch Bag ¦ Buy here for £59.90

vegan work clothes


For me work clothes need to be comfy but smart.  The above are a pretty good mix of both in my opinion.  Although my fave bit is definitely the bag, I love a big bag!

Beyond Skin Ophelia Shoes ¦ Buy here for £99 ¦ FC Vegan Bags Tote Bag ¦ Buy here for £55 ¦ EMI Ethical Jewellery Necklace ¦ Buy here for £39 ¦ People Tree Dress ¦ Buy here for £45.50 ¦ Fair + True Top ¦ Buy here for £45 ¦ People Tree Trousers ¦ Buy here for £75


ethical holiday clothesLoving the big statement necklace, perfect with denim shorts and a plain t-shirt.

Toms Clarissa Wedge ¦ Buy here for £54.99 ¦  Toms Black Sneakers ¦ Buy here for £44.99 ¦ Fair + True Necklace ¦ Buy here for £35 ¦ Fablou Bag ¦ Buy here for £65 ¦ Nomad Scarf ¦ Buy here for £22 Fair + True Strappy Dress ¦ Buy here for £58 ¦ H&M Denim Shorts ¦ Buy here for £8.99 ¦ H&M Off the shoulder top ¦ Buy it here for £19.99


vegan clothing


I love both these jumpers!  This is just a super casual weekend outfit, something I would wear to brunch or for a couple of drinks.

FC Select Yellow Jumper ¦ Buy here for £68 ¦ H&M Jeans ¦ Buy here for £24.99 ¦ Plant Faced T-Shirt ¦ Buy here for £23 ¦ Matt and Nat Bag ¦ Buy here for £65 ¦ FC Select Grey Jumper ¦ Buy here for £52 ¦ FC Select Twist Trainers ¦ Buy here for £39


Do you have any fave places to buy ethical, vegan fashion, if so comment below!