While summer may seem a million miles away as the temperature is still so low and the rain (and snow!) keeps coming, but it will holiday time before we know it!  Next month I will be off on my first “summer” holiday and figuring other people would be heading off soon too I decided to get this post out there sooner rather than later.  As always on my “swaps” posts the cruelty free holidays swaps gives cruelty free alternatives for the most common products people will be buying or taking on their holidays.  It is so easy to replace most of what you buy with something cruelty free!


cruety free holiday swaps


Sun Tan Lotion

Swap: Nivea Sun

For: Green People Sun Lotion or cheaper option Yaoh Sun Block

Buy: At your local health shop or online, here for Green People or here for Yaoh


Fake Tan

Swap: St Tropez

For: Eco Tan Invisible Tan

Buy: Online


After Sun

Swap: Banana Boat

For: Alba Botanica Very Emollient After Sun

Buy: At your local health food shop or online



Swap: Benefit Hoola Body Bronzer

For: Lush Black Stockings Solid Body Tint or Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

Buy: Online or in store


Gradual Tanner

Swap: Garnier Body Summer Body Moisturising Lotion

For: Alba Botanica Sunless Tanning Lotion

Buy: At your local health food shop or online


Lip Balm

Swap: ChapStick

For: Fairypants Lip Balm

Buy: Online and while you are there buy some perfume too, they have amazing scents, they sound a bit out there but are awesome!



Swap: Anything

For: Reuseable plastic bottles – so much cheaper, just decant some of your big ones into smaller bottles.  You don’t actually need minatures!

Buy: Most shops!


Did I miss anything?  Is there something you want to replace but not sure of a cruelty free alternative, comment below, I love a challenge!