When you first look at the extreme end of zero waste it can seem crazy daunting, but actually there are small changes you can make right now which will not impact your life at all.  Since reducing my waste at the start of the year I have noticed some super easy ways we could all start reducing our waste starting today.  If we all managed to make them the amount of rubbish going to refuse would drastically reduce!  The list below has a number of easy ways to produce less waste.


easy ways to produce less waste


Always have a flask

Are you a coffee drinker?  Do you get coffee in takeaway cup?  If you know on a Monday you always stop by Starbucks on the way to work, take a reusable coffee cup with you.  There are options for everyone from the very plain to super girlie, find one which suits you.  Mine is a plain stainless steel cup which keeps my coffee hot for hours!


Carry a water bottle

On a similar vein, if I am going somewhere which is not my work I always have a full water bottle in my handbag.  It will save you needing to buy a plastic bottle of water!  If you don’t want the extra weight just carry an empty bottle and ask for it to be filled when needed or use a fountain.  The bottle I have will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot too so can be used for both coffee and water if you want, although I keep it separate!


Ditch the straws and plastic cutlery

Most people do not need a straw, if you feel you really do, buy a stainless steel or hard plastic one and leave it in your bag.  Then just ask for all your drinks sans straws!  It is just such a ridiculous waste of plastic.  Same with plastic cutlery, again no one needs it, just carry a set with you!  I know it may feel like your handbag will start to explode, but really it wont.  If you know you will need to grab something on the go, pack some cutlery in your handbag.  Easy!  Just remember to tell the person making your drink or lunch you don’t need the plastic!

Stop using cotton wool

In all honesty it is madness I used it for so long.  Just buy some reusable pads or make your own muslin squares.

Buy a Mooncup

I would never have considered this as it just seemed really scary.  But I urge you all to give it a try!  Once you know what you are doing there is no mess at all.  I will be doing a full post on my experiences with my Monncup in the coming months too.


Buy loose fruit and veg

Go online and buy some reusable vegetable bags and use them instead of the plastic ones in the shops.  Fruit and veg has an insane amount of packaging but most supermarkets offer loose options too.  Better yet, get yourself to a farmers market, the fruit and veg is cheaper, tastier and generally in season, all the wins!


Bring your own bags to the shops

We should all be doing this anyway, but for those who aren’t start!  If you are off out shopping pack some reusable bags in your handbag or take the more sturdy ones to the supermarket.


I hope I have given you all a bit of inspiration!  What other ways have you found to reduce your waste, or are you doing some of these already, I would love to know!