As I am sure there are people who read this blog thinking they can’t make changes like going cruelty free or vegan I thought it may be helpful for me to give you all my tips on how I have made lifestyle changes easier for myself.  So below are my top 6 tips on how to make any lifestyle changes in your life, although I would obviously encourage the changes you make to go cruelty free or vegan :)!!



Have a clear goal or thing to change

This may sound obvious, but be sure you know what you actually want from the change or what the end goal will be.  For example when I decided to go zero waste, it was not as simple as being zero waste or not zero wste, there was a line for me in the middle.  Being 100% zero waste is extremely daunting and while I may get there one day, is not actually my goal.  My goal has specific parameters (which are here if you want to know more).  Trying to achieve a lifestyle change like this would not have been possible without them.  I would have constantly been moving the goal posts or doing something “wrong” and that is just disillusioning.  These specific mini goals have allowed me to move forward to making the change with no guilt or stress.



A common theme on my blog is telling people to plan.  It is 100% the best thing to do!  The more you plan the more you know what you will be up against.  With regards to making a lifestyle change if you plan the steps you will make to take it, you will already be on the front foot.  For example, I knew when I went cruelty free that I would ease myself in and only buy replacements once old products were finished.  But I needed to be ready to buy those products when I needed them with no last minute stress and potential non cruelty free buying, so I researched all my products.  I knew what I needed and where I was going to buy them well ahead of actually making the purchase.


Do not overload

Similarly to the last point, don’t just start on day 1 thinking you will be the final version of this lifestyle change.  For example going vegan and zero waste all at the same time.  These are both time consuming changes.  Particularly going zero waste.  If you were to do them both together you would be trying to learn how to cook with seitan at the same time as learning how to make seitan from scratch.  It is too much!  This will only lead to some sort of failure, which will likely result in you beating yourself up over nothing and potentially jacking the whole thing in!  Baby steps!


Do not compare to others

As with everything in life, don’t compare yourself with others!  Just because someone on Facebook is vegan and makes every single meal they eat from scratch, it does not mean you have to.  For all you know they don’t work or have other commitments so have all the time in the world!  Or behind the camera they are sitting tucking into a takeout!  Take the change at your own pace and while it is amazing to have people to look up to (and I totally encourage that!!), remember it may have taken them years to get to where they are.


Enjoy it!!

This is the biggest bit for me, you need to enjoy and embrace the change.  Try and find the little things you enjoy from the change, even if it is finding new products you would never have heard of before and now love, or entering a whole new community online full of people you may never have had contact with.  So then when you miss macaroni cheese (which seriously, I do!!) you can remember the good things which have come from the change and forget it!


Get back on it

If you slip back into an old habit do not stress about it.  Think of how far you have come and how you got there.  Write off the slip as a one off (or even 10 off!!) and then get back on it!  This is a journey for you and only you.  We are not perfect, we make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up.


Key to it all though is actually wanting to make the change.  It is all well and good doing the above, but if you don’t want to make the change (or *have* to make it) you wont!  So for going cruelty free or vegan, watch some documentaries and really get yourself commited to the cause!


Des anyone have any other tips???