TK Maxx is such an amazing place to buy cruelty free products made even better by the cheaper prices!  Last year a brand new flagship store opened in Edinburgh city centre and it is full of the best products TK Maxx has to offer from designer brands like Stella McArtney (bye bye all my money!) to high end skincare.  It was in this store I first saw Dr Botanical’s products.  They caught my eye as they have really plain, brown box packaging which stood out from the rest of the shelf.  When I checked the back the Peta vegan and cruelty free logo was there.  I obviously had to double check their parent company status but when all came back good I headed straight back to buy some!


Dr Botanical’s is a high end brand made in London.  The products are all made from natural ingredients with no nasties in them.  The brand make various products for the face and body and have a range for men too.  The prices are steep, but if you get them cheap in TK Maxx they are a steal!  Similarly to Neal’s Yard products, I find the Dr Botanicals products just ooze luxury the second you open them from the scent and packaging alone!  They would not be out of place in a high end spa.  Also for me an instant appeal is the glass packaging, this makes it much more environmentally friendly for my zero waste journey.


dr botanical's review


Japanese Orange Superfood Facial Oil

This oil is meant to regenerate and protect skin whilst encouraging it to be calm.  As I am getting a bit older I am naturally looking for products to regenerate my skin, but the particular appeal of this product was the word calm.  My skin is very sensitive and so finding products which work to calm the skin are always top on my wish list!  I have been using this oil every night for a few months now and am loving it.  As soon as you open the bottle the smell of orange hits you and it is just gorgeous.  Applying this to my skin at night is genuinely a lovely experience.  The oil is very quickly absorbed into my skin and just glides over it when applied.  As was the hope my skin has not reacted in any way to the product and more excitingly, in general my skin is not so reactive to my surroundings so this is certainly encouraging it to be more calm which is amazing for me!

Japanese Orange Vitamin C Repairing Night Moisturiser

This moisturiser claims it will heal, nourish and repair skin.  Again the ingredients used are all to help calm irritated or sensitive skin whilst hydrating it.  My skin is quite greasy so the hydration the product offered was a small concern when I choose it, but I decided to give it a go anyway.  I am so glad I did.  As with the oil, this moisturiser smells gorgeous and has a nice thick consistency.  When applied to my skin it is almost instantly absorbed to leave my skin soft.  There is no extra moisture, or grease on my skin from using it.  My skin combined with this and the oil has been left looking amazing.  There is no redness and any dry or flaky skin patches which I often get in winter are gone.  I have not had irritated skin at all since using this which is genuinely huge for me.  I have also noticed my skin seems fresher in the morning when I wake up in general.  All round this is a definite re-buy!


Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum

Ten guesses why I picked this up!  This serum is to make skin look younger and to improve its general health.  It claims to firm the skin, whilst evening out the skin tone and reducing blemishes.  Having used it for a few months I have found it does seem to be making my skin tone better, I certainly do not have so many of the blotches I used to!  As for firming, I am just unsure!  I would love to say it did this and the results have been dramatic but I have not really noticed a difference.  Maybe as my skin probably is not really at an age it needs it yet the results are not so visible.  However, for evening my skin tone alone this product very much gets my vote.  I also randomly noticed it is going cheap on their website at the moment!  Get over there and buy it to try and I really hope it is not because they are discontinuing it!


All in all I really like these products.  They do have a big price tag there is no denying it, but then you get what you pay for and they do last a decent amount of time.  All three products have been getting used for a couple of months and are all still fairly full.  I would think they will last 6 months each making them a much more realistic monthly price.  Have a look in TK Maxx to see if you can get them cheap though!  I will most definitely be continuing to use these products cheap or not though, I really do love them!


Have you tried Dr Botanical’s?  What did you think?