Such a cliché, but seriously where did the month go!  I blinked and it is now the 28th.  This month I have succeded in doing pretty much nothing.  I barely emailed any brands to find out their cruelty free stance, I didn’t experiment with any new recipes and I didn’t go anywhere fun and new with the mutts.  This month has just been a big old fail!  That said, a snapshot of what I actually have done is below……

 snowman bath bomb



At the start of the year I imposed a ban on buying anything new on myself.  Partly as I am moving towards being zero waste and partly because I have a million things which have just been used 3-4 times.  As a result I have found old products to fall in love with all over again.  Starting with bath bombs, it has been the month of baths!  All the bath bombs I bought to take pretty pictures of (which I know I am not the only blogger guilty of!) I have actually used!  Sure I have been totally out of season using  used Halloween, Christmas and Autumn ones, but bath bombs look and smell amazing no matter what the season.  The good thing (or slightly worrying thing) is I still have loads of bath bombs and bath salts left, so I have loads to last me March too without spending a single penny!


Besides bath bombs, does anyone else save up their fave products so they don’t use it up too soon?  I am so guilty of this and my absolute fave products at the moment are You Dirty Scrub coffee scrubs.  As saving things is just ridiculous I have been treating myself to a good coffee scrub shower at least twice a week.  My skin feels AMAZING!  The products aren’t even expensive, I don’t know why I feel I need to save them up.  Either way I am loving using them a lot more!





I have completed my first month of doing yoga almost every day and seriously love it.  In the past I have gone to a session or two then stopped but this month I decided to really throw myself into, somewhat literally with some of those poses!  The result, my body and mind are getting better by the day.  Daily yoga is most definitely something I will be keeping up, I just need to find a way to keep Mas from stealing my mat!




Much as I have not really been anywhere new with the pups this month, we have had a number of fun walks.  The weather has been dry enough so we have got out most weekends.  The best wander was down at Gosford near Aberlady.  It is a beautiful country house and gardens to walk around I even got the chance to try out the new camera……




I have devoted a lot of my time to this in February.  Books have been read and YouTube videos watched.  One piece of advice was take a photo each day for a month to really up your game and seriously what a difference.  My camera is now 100% on Manual mode and I have finally taken some decent photos, I am getting there.  I also invested in a 50mm lens and I just love it.  I never knew photography would be my thing, but am so glad creating this blog pushed me in to it!



Two holidays are now booked!  In May I am off to Rome with my mum which I booked last month, but this month I booked for me and Paul to go to Berlin.  This is exciting for two reasons, one I get to go to the vegan capital of Europe (if not the world) and two I get to go to a Bundesliga game!  Although never mentioned on the blog I am a huge football fan and am a massive fan of the Bundesliga (the German equivalent of the Premier League).  If you have any suggestions of awesome places to go eat let me know!


While the month was pretty dull, I am happy with how I will be leaving it so here is to a more exciting March!  Did you guys have a more exciting month than me??  I will leave you with a picture of my pup which was too cute not to include!