Confidence, for me, is defintly brought on by knowing my skin looks good and I have been on the hunt for the perfect cleanser my whole life.  I have previously touched on the fact that I used to use all the expensive (read full of harsh chemicals) nonsense which is targeted at bad skin.  This never, ever worked.  When I went cruelty free I gave everything a go, not just the expensive stuff and seriously my skin has never been better.  Cruelty free, vegan and no nasties tend to all come together, so when I went cruelty free nasties were almost automatically removed from my skincare.  My skin has massively appreciated this!


To help everyone else out, I have made a list below of options from some amazing brands.  Most I can personally recommend, but some I have just read are fab!

Face Wash for Dry Skin


For Dry Skin

MooGoo – Oil Cleansing Method – Dry

MuLondon – Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Foaming Cleanser


For Oily SkinFace Wash for Dry Skin

Neal’s Yard – Purifying Palmarosa Facial Wash

Forever Living – Aloe Hand & Face Soap

Lush – Dark Angels


Face Wash for Combination Skin

For Combination Skin

Yes To Tomatoes – Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser

Botanicals – Nourish cleanse melt: rose & camellia

Organic Surge – Daily Care Refreshing Face Wash

Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

For Sensitive Skin

Neal’s Yard – Soothing Starflower Cleansing Milk

MooGoo – Oil Cleansing Method Normal

Green People – Scent Free Cleanser


Face Wash for Young Skin

For Young Skin

Aime – Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash

Lush – Dark Angels

Dr Organic – Tea Tree Face Wash


Face Wash for OLder Skin

For Old(er) Skin

Dr Botanicals – Protect & Balance Hydro-Cleanser

Green People – Age Defy +Purify & Hydrate Cream Cleanser

Aurelia – Miracle Cleanser