Contrary to what the title may suggest, this is not a post on baby swapping, which hopefully is not even a thing, creepy….  It is actually just another “swaps” posts, I will be listing things which when you have a baby you will likely be buying and cruelty free alternatives to the norm.  First off I would like to say I am not a mum, but I know a lot of women who are so I asked for their help with this.  I know having a baby, particularly for the first time can be a big enough deal, but most of these changes are easy.  Many do require shopping online, but you know what, that can be done at 3am when the baby wont sleep so maybe for once buying online is actually the convenient option!  The list below is a bit of a mixture between things which are cruelty free or zero waste options.  There are many more products which you could buy for your baby but having spoken to my friends these are the must haves.




Swap: Pampers

For: Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable Nappies


Baby Shampoo

Swap: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

For: Green People’s Organic Babies Baby Wash & Shampoo


Baby Bath Wash

Swap: Johnson’s Baby Bath

For: Faith in Nature Calming Chamomile Bubbly Bath


Cotton Balls

Swap: Normal cotton wool

For: Reusable cotton pads or muslin cloth – you can either buy premade reusable squares or make your own!


Nappy Rash Cream

Swap: Sudocrem

For: MooGoo Nappy Balm


Baby Wipes

Swap: Huggies Baby Wipes

For: Beaming Baby Organic Skincare Baby Wipes


I hope the list has given you some ideas, if you have any other things you would like to find cruelty free alternatives to please just either comment below or send me an email.