I love having a new start and that is exactly what I see every January as.  I know there are many people out the who believe you can make life changes at any time of year on any day of the week, but to me nothing beats January as the time to start afresh.  And this January I have embraced that even more than usual!  I have been concentrating on being more organised in my life in all aspects and am loving it!


I set myself some pretty big goals, both in my public resolutions and the ones which are a bit more personal.  My start to all of these has gone well.  I am loving really focussing on my Italian and feel like I am finally at a point I could actually have a proper conversation with someone, if a little basic!  My household has fully embraced moving towards zero waste (more to come on this later in the month).  We have also been working hard on eating healthy and exercising.  Although that did take bit of a hit for me (quite literally) when I gave breaking my nose a good try.  Pressure on my nose has meant it has been very painful to work out, but I am ok with that.  I will get back on it soon. With regards to food we have had lots of healthy food and more importantly totally cut back on the take out.


Basically I feel I am leaving January in a very positive place!  As always I just wanted to share with you a couple of bits which have been going on in my world this month.


The first family holiday of the year happened on my birthday weekend visiting Oban on the West coast of Scotland for a couple of nights.  We found loads of castles, went on wintery walks in the snow and generally explored everything we could.  The other thing which we did was totally chill out, tucked up in bed watching films by 9pm each night.  It was so long overdue!  We all had a great time and I am looking forward to our next trip away already.


And speaking of birthdays, I got this gorgeous LaBante bag from my friends.  It is just so pretty!!


vegan haggis


I perfected my vegan haggis for Burns night (recipe is here).  Not just for Burns night though, we had some of it wrapped in puff pastry with beans and chips tonight.  It is so versatile!



We had rather a lot of sun surprisingly, so got lots of wanders with the pups, including a Sunday Funday last weekend to the beach and Dunotter Castle!


The last thing which happened which I am excited about is I finally got a holiday booked!!!  I am off to Rome again in May to speak Italian with the locals!  Without wishing my life away, it can’t come quick enough!!!


I hope everyone else had a good January!!  What did you all get up to??